張庭瑋 ( Chang Ting-Wei )

Finding new chance

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         Taipei, Taiwan 


畢業於台大數學系,從小便有旺盛的求知慾,大學時期除了本科外,也因為對日本文化感到有興趣而開始學習日文,並於畢業後考取了JLPT N1,就業時雖因安穩而選擇了公務員作為第一份工作,而後因厭倦了無法學習新東西的生活,毅然決然地邁向了工程師之路。

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Mathematics from National Taiwan University. Being an avid learner since childhood, apart from focusing on my major during college, I also begin to learn the Japanese language because of my interest in Japanese culture, finally qualifying for JLPT N1 after graduation. I chose to become a civil servant as my first job due to the security that it offered, but I eventually became tired of the dull life and sought to learn something new. Therefore, I left my job and embarked on the path to learn to be a programmer.



  • React.js (Hook)

  • React Native

  • Redux

  • Typescript

  • ES6

  • Vue.js

  • Vuex

Layout / Service & Helper

  • Bootstrap4

  • RWD

  • HTML5 / CSS3

  • Firebase

  • Github

  • Yarn & npm


12-years-education ( United Daily News )


  • Vue2


  • Vue2

Side Project

Use React Native to make an App without Expo

  • 33 tutorial articles of React Native 
  • React hooks / Redux
  • TypeScript / ESLint-airbnb
  • Firebase / Async Storage
  • i18n
  • Scheduled Notification
  • Redirect to detail as clicking on the notification


Imitating of Linksmate

  • React hooks / Redux 
  • Bootstrap4 / RWD 
  • Firebase 
  • Estimate the phone rate on homepage 
  • Apply for your own account by clicking "申し込む" button, and complete the steps for registering. 
  • Log in and view detail (such as circular progress bar which can reveal the data left ) in my page (マイページ)

demo(Heroku)        code

Imitating of 5xRuby

  • React hooks 
  • Bootstrap4 / RWD 
  • Webpack

demo(Heroku)        code

Japan Travel Website (with CMS)

  • Vue2 / Vuex 
  • Bootstrap4 / RWD 
  • Firebase 
  • User can either use keywords or choose area to find the spot they want to go 
  • User who has the administration authority can access to the CMS

demo(Heroku)        code

Experience & Education

May 2020 ~ Present

Front-End Developer United Daily News

  1. Collaborate with team of web designers and product team members to create new RWD Web Content using Vue
  2. Collaborate with back end developer 
  3. Maintain and fix content for existing website and common component 
  4. Upgrading common component from Vue2 to Vue3

Sep 2019 ~ Mar 2020

Web System Developer Atmark Solution Inc.

  1. React(Function & Class component) 
  2. React Hooks, Redux 
  3. Making member system with CRUD by Spring Boot and MySQL (also by Laravel) 

Dec 2018 ~ Aug 2019

Hex School ( Online Course )

  1. Vue 
  2. Bootstrap4 
  3. RWD 
  4. HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript (ES6) 

Mar 2015 ~ Dec 2018

Tax Officer Local Tax Bureau of Keelung City

Mainly in charge of Land Tax

Sep 2009 ~ Jun 2012

National Taiwan University

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

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