Sam Tsou (Kai-Chen, Tsou)

Currently working as a system designer at RealTek.

Interested in communication algorithm and software development.

[email protected]

Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Working Knowledge

  • Wireless Communication System
  • Ethernet System
  • Digital & Adaptive Signal Processing
  • Channel Coding


Communication theory

  • Digital communication
  • Mobile communication
  • MIMO system design
  • Coding theory (LDPC) and Information theory
  • Digital filter design


  • C & C++ (familiar with OOP, DSA)


  • Digital image processing
  • Machine learning
  • Computer architecture
  • SystemVerilog

Work Experience

Realtek, System Design Engineer.Jul 2020 ~ Now

Ethernet 10GBASE-T algorithm development

  1. LDPC
    • LDPC code decoder architecture design
      • LUT based decoder - maximizing mutual information 
    • Analyze LDPC code error floor problem caused by trapping set
    • Evaluation of very low error rate of LDPC code using importance sampling estimator
  2. Channel Model
    • Extrapolation method of band-limited channel for accurate time domain signal
  3. Adaptive filter
    • LMS filter design
  4. DAC mismatch callibration
    • Support developing dynamic mismatch mapping algorithm for mismatch errors of current steering DAC


National Chiao Tung University.Master.2016 ~ 2018

Institute of Electronics.Hsinchu, Taiwan

National Chiao Tung University.Bachelor. 2012 ~ 2016

Electronic Engineering.Hsinchu, Taiwan

Other Experience

Summer Intern

      Participated an internship at MediaTek in CSD department.2017

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