Ken Tseng 曾寳呈

Software Engineer 

If you are looking for a software developer engineer who's eager to learn, contribute, add value, be reliable, and have endless bounds of innovation, please feel free to contact me.

   /[email protected]/+886912771718/Taiwan Taichung, Taiwan


Chaoyang University of Technology (GPA: 3.4/4.00)                                                                 Sep 2014 – Jun 2018

Bachelor of Engineering / Computer Science and Information Engineering


Software Engineer - Chung Shan Medical University Hospital                                                    July 2018 – present

Project: Hospital Information System [C#, JSON, TFS, MS SQL, Javascript]             

  • Developed RESTful API service using ASP.NET Core
  • Used three layer architecture in ASP.NET MVC to implement services
  • Used MS SQL in Microsoft Sql Server Database to store data and Schema Design
  • Use API and json to interface with medical devices
  • Developed web using web form
  • Use TFS Version control


Physical Chatbot [Python, Dialogflow, AIML,JSON]                                                                   Jan 2017 – July 2018

  • Coding Python on Raspberry Pi
  • Edit the script with AIML files to realize the chat function
  • Use SpeechRecognition and Google Text to Speech to realize voice function
  • Semantic analysis using Dialogflow
  • Use LED and motors to interact with users

LINE ChatBot [Python, JavaScript, Google Sheet API]                                                               Jan 2019 – Feb 2019

  • Develop chatbots to improve common problems of colleagues’ projects
  • Improve work efficiency by 30%     


  • Programming languages: C/C#, Python, JavaScript, HTML,Dart(Flutter),Solidity
  • Web Framework and Database: ASP.NET MVC Framework, ASP.NET Core 6 ,MS SQL
  • Tools and environment: Linux/Unix, Visual Studio, TFS, Git
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