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I'm Christian & Commedien &Creator

Hello thank for your watching, I am an English teaching in cram school, for now, English is my third language and I really get into learning the English accent, so my specialize is teach student daily conversation and correct their pronunciation, I have lots of  hosting experience, I was the Host in high school and Uni, and this become one of reason I really like to talk with people and build up the relationship, this is all my story thanks your watching


Item 1 General

1.English Teaching

2.Host and Arrangment

3.Video Edicting 

Item2 Major

1. First class of Chemistry

2.Study Hospility Management in Uni

3.Own the certificate of  Service managment 

Item3 Others

1.Guitar playing 

2.Beatboxing playing

3.Fire stick dance



Experience1,2012/9 - till now

Through the competition, school assign me as Host of bunch of activity such as sing competition cheerleader dance competition and student group(club)  performance

Experience2,2016/7 - till now

I was in Australia helping people who can't speak English or can speak but don't have enough level and this passionate alongside with flew all the Pacific back to Taiwan and I started to teach and tutoring lots of people be able to speak English

Experience,2011/9 - till now

Start from 5 years ago I commence serving in banquet restaurant and study Hospitality Mangement to get more experience or skills to build up my ability, and year ago I flew to Australia and have one job as waiter and kitchen hand and more experience whats the true meaning build up the relationship with customers or coworker 

This is my daily life

This is the tutorial video to share with  others people Aussie slang

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