黃子君 Zi Jun Huang

Software Engineer / Backend Engineer
Taipei Special Municipality,TW
[email protected]


- 2 years of backend development experience. 

- 1 year of PaaS experience. 

- Implement high concurrency and high traffic system design on PaaS platform. 

- Discuss and design the system architecture with user during the system start-up to create good code quality and maintenance scalability. 

- Industry contacts are mostly credit card related business experience.

- Cooperate with other departments for verifcation and troubleshooting , including PM, SA, QA, UI/UX Design, Engineer, Infra and DBA.


Backend Programming Languages: C# 

Front end Development Languages: JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, TypeScript 

Framework: Angular, .NetCore, EFCore, ASP.NET 

RDBMS: Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL 

NoSQL: Redis 

Testing Tools: xUnit, JMeter, Selenium 

Version Control: Git 

CI CD: Azure DevOps, Heroku 

Infrastructure: IIS 

Cloud Platform: Azure, OpenShift,

Working Experiences

Cathay United Bank, Software Engineer, Jul 2019 ~ Present

- Renovate the existing credit card bonus system platform to achieve 24-hour high-traffic uninterrupted service.
- Building .NETCore PaaS internal developing standard.
- Co-work with UI/UX team building SPA template for internal usage.
- Maintaining internal use .NETCore SDK library
- Co-work with DevOps team for automation testing pipe

Wistron Corporation, Quality Control Engineer, Jan 2017 ~ Nov 2018

- Server integration testing
- Developing automation testing script.


微軟C#應用程式設計師就業養成班(MSIT), Institute for Information Industry, 2018 ~ 2019

Department of Electrical Engineering, National Central University , 2011 ~ 2015

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