Ben Moneke

Los Angeles Architect and Designer

A graduate of the University of Zurich, Ben Moneke holds a master of architecture. A former architect and designer for Chanel Fashion House in Paris, he designed a variety of stages and catwalks for haute couture fashion events, handling everything from initial sketches to final lighting details. Ben Moneke also served as lead project manager on a number of retail stores in Polenz, Germany, where he created mock-ups and managed a team of approximately 70 designers, engineers, builders, and interns.

Currently, Ben Moneke serves as president and CEO of The Artwork in Los Angeles, an architecture design company that has collaborated on projects including the luxurious business-class Pear Lounge at Bahrain International Airport. Currently, Mr. Moneke is working on a design for the Akbar Restaurant and Lounge in Kuwait International Airport.

Mr. Moneke has a pilot's license and enjoys flying planes in his free time, along with playing the piano, playing soccer, and visiting museums. A car enthusiast, he was a finalist in the Lamborghini Aventador design contest.

Los Angeles, CA, US

Work Experience

Jan 2018 - Present

President CEO
The Artwork

Chanel Fashion House

Architect and Designer



University of Zurich


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