Ben Pu

Having attended Cornell University, where he studied computer science, Ben Pu has a passion for diverse aspects of digital technology, from building computers to providing reviews of current hardware components. As an undergraduate, Ben Pu served as a teaching assistant and provided support for the systems-focused class CS316 and the networks-focused class INFO204.

Mr. Pu’s experience as a programmer includes creating systems that use leading-edge predictive algorithms in generating data-rich, real time solutions. He has a strong interest in next-generation solutions such as Ethereum, which was developed as a decentralized application platform and smart contract manager.

Mr. Pu has a commitment to organizations in his field that promote free expression and privacy, including the Center for Democracy and Technology. A particular focus of the organization is in safeguarding against government surveillance. His support of basic rights and freedoms extends to contributing to nonprofits such as the American Civil Liberties Union. Ben Pu is an avid reader and enjoys the future-focused works of authors such as William Gibson and Isaac Asimov.

Boston, MA, US

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