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Berk Acikel

90 543 203 14 74  •  İzmir, TR  •  [email protected] 

I am student in Yaşar University. I love coding and learn new techs. I want to improve my skills and experience. 

 Computer Skills

Accomplished in : C , C++, Java, Python,XML, HTML, MsSQL , JavaScript , PHP . Django, Vue Js

Experience in: Ms Visual Studio,Netbeans IDE,Android Studio, Pycharm IDE, HTML Scrapping.


Safe Transportation for İzmir

 We build a new database for user of the İzmir Metro and Buses then we match them with their ID card We can analysis the Metro's and Bus density We can track lost or suspicious persons from their ID card

Android Application For Urban Planners(ongoing)

In this application Urban planners can easly calculate linear population model and other population models in their phone.



Adventure Corporation, Blockchain Intern 23 March 2018 - 16 May 2018

Worked on ERC721 token and developed faucet functions for ERC721 tokens.

Univerlist , Software Developer Intern  25 May - Present

Univerlist , Backend Intern 25 May - Present Developing APIs for needs and devoloping single page applications with Vue js.

Mentornity , Web UI Designer 10 June - 10 September

Developing new wireframe and user interface for Mentornity


Elginkan Vakfı SQL and Database systems (56 Hours)

PROFAJ Digital Marketing Education

AISEC Lift UP!(Startup Contest)

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