Personal Statement

This is Betty LAM from Hong Kong, who has been living and working in Taiwan for over 4 years.

As a graduate from a university (Bachelor's) in the Netherlands and (Master's) in the UK, I am fully ‘multicultural’ and getting more considerate among different people. I think it’s very important to handle interpersonal relationships both internally and externally. Besides this, fast learning and adaptability are also trained while handling everything in life myself. And my presentation skills are also mastered, clearly stating my ideas and marketing myself and my team for better results.

After 6 years of participating in sports management (SM), I have been better knowledgeable about how to lead a team, of 4 most of the time, and becoming more communicative and efficient at problem-solving. As a service manager and Foreign affairs officer in SM, it not only gives me the ability to multi-tasking, but also trains me to immediately respond with language switches (among Cantonese, Mandarin, and English) when needed. Moreover, being patient and endured is also necessary when handling issues with stakeholders during the tournament. Thinking thoroughly is another must in my previous job.

Additionally, working for a Fintech Company as an Executive Assistant and project manager in Taiwan cultivates my adaptability to changes and further enhances my ability to communicate. Although I am kind of inexperienced in Project Management and Executive Assistant, I am willing and able to learn quickly with my own knowledge and other related experience. Being fresh, to some degree, is another way to be creative and brave. It is such a wonderful thing to start a new thing and learn something different. If I can work in your company, I am definitely going to be effortful and bring my own color to light up, even just a bit, to the teams. I may not be the best, but I could be the best fit.

  Taipei, Taiwan

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Educational Background

2012 - 2013

University of Liverpool

Master of Management

2011 - 2012

Tilburg University

International Business

2007 - 2011

Jinan University, Guangzhou, CHN

Bachelor of Science-BS Accounting CGA



Competitor analysis
Business/Market research


Microsoft 360  (Office/Word/PPT/Excel)
AutoCAD 2D (interior Design)
Revit (Construction)


Mandarin Chinese / Cantonese

Working Experience

Jun 2017 - Present

Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer  


1. Role as Executive Assistant

-Strategic Management

1) Discovering relevant market opportunities and analyzing them by SWOT 

2) Taking part in corporate solution conception with solid market/business research

3) Involving in Decision Making for corporate development. e.g. deciding on which target group to position and what possible business model can work better

4) Executing OKR goal-setting framework in the sales team

5) Hosting weekly sales meetings, producing an agenda, supporting meeting minutes, and following up to-do-lists

- Communication Management/PR

1) Bridging the CEO with different departments, making sure the information is synchronized and well-delivered

2) Preparing PPT materials and supporting docs for a better understanding of ideas or products both internally and externally

3) Presenting corporate value and knowledge sharing to the public. e.g. the sharing meeting in NDC

4) Interpreting the necessary docs in&out to ensure communication is smooth and clearly understood

5) Relationship management between top management and staff for better corporate management and better business operating efficiency

- Administrative Supports

1) drafting emails internally and externally

2) proofreading contracts

2. Role as Project Manager (urgent Gov. Project/Website/APP)

Usually a team of 5 ppl

1) Requirement interview and management back and forth

2) Project planning with job and resource allocation for a limited time

3) Project Scheduling per function/person basis and monitoring the whole process, which also includes the adjustments

4) In-Depth cross-department Communication between UI/UX designers and IT engineers as well as balancing the customers' requirements and project cost

5) Monthly and final report production

6) Customer relationship management, including maintaining relationships with current and potential clients

7)Proposal&Bidding PPT materials preparation

3. Role in Marketing (Market research/Brochure/One Pager/Video Script&Subtitle/Official FB&LinkedIN account management)

1) Participating in producing the corporate brochure, whitepaper, report and infographic, including test writing and providing ideas for graphic design. 

2) Leading the art design team of 4 to produce corporate and solution videos, with producing scripts and subtitles included

3) Acting as a marketing executive, managing the official FB&LinkedIN account.

4) Conducting market/business research for idea conception and further competitive analysis, redressing impractical plans

5) Taking part in event management, including the annual dinner and press conference for the product release

6)Planning Official English Website Design, including drawing web frame by drawio and content writing

Nov 2010 - Jun 2017

Sports Management  

Chinese Badminton Association 

World Class Competition Management, Managing competitions like Asian Games, Asian Championships, World Championship, Thomas and Uber Cups, Sudirman Cup, Super Series, and International Challenges

Role as

1. Executive assistant to Competition Manager.

1) Meeting arrangement and managing schedules

2) Participate in technical meetings on behalf of the competition manager

3) Coordinating among officials from the Badminton World Federation(BWF), local organizing committee and the media

4) Supervising on-site announcers, mostly 3 ppl a team, to match the requirements of Media Broadcast and BWF

5) Cooperating with sports presentation, and match timing and scoring team.

6) Conducting foreign guest reception

7) Document and Venue Signs and sometimes urgent press conference interpretation

8) Assisting on Field of play (FOP) controls, including A-board layout from different levels of sponsorship.

9) Event management, including the Annual meeting of Badminton Asia Confederation

2. Service Manager to Athlete/BWF

1) Making sure the services that the official hotels offer are qualified

2) Ensuring the equipment and necessities are completely provided for the athlete in the training courts

3) coordinating interviews for athletes with BWF Media department

4) Providing supportive services to BWF for better delivery of its work duties

Oct 2014 - Jun 2017


Language Tutor (ENG/CHN) 

EDC Language

Role as

1. Corporate Language training

2. 1-to-1/1-to-many Language tutoring

Major Projects

Gov. CDRI Website

Part of CDRI Relief Package Measures

- the official site for CDRI on online enrollment for proposing lectures

- both frontend and backend system

Engineer Outsourcing

Co-working with IISI to provide capable engineers for client's APP development

1. Request Collection

2. Communicating with the IT team for better resource allocation

3. Monthly Report

Official Website - English Version

1. Web Tree and Flow Design

2. Website Project Scheduling

3. Job allocation

4. Web Content Copywriter

5. Version Update (Latest ENG version updating)

Marketing Materials



Some of the Videos Making  (Script & Subtitle)

Major Events

Major Sports Events I've taken part in

NDC Meetings

My Favourite Quote

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