Tongyu Bian

Email : [email protected]  • Phone code : 18842629493 

Job objective  :  Marketing Intern


SEP  2013  -  JUN  2013

Engineering in Dalian Nationalities University.

Major in course : Web based and application of enterprise software development, Android application development, e-commerce system, etc.

Elective courses : Consumer behavior, advertising, financial management, consumer behavior, network marketing, marketing management, etc.

Love marketing,and other  basic financial knowledge



Web international English  -  Market promotion

S - W - O - T analysis method is used to determine the target group

To promote the product in the center of the business,Mining potential customers for information collection,using hunger marketing skills improve information collection rate and reduce the customer's rejection【The daily average data was 30% higher than employees with hills

Input information potential customers in the system, coordination of phone specialist review time, because of the excellent expression and standard mandarin part-time course  consultant

transferable ability



KAIBI international supply service center  -  Purchasing department intern

Responsible for the goods label information input 【Excel office skill】, acknowledgement letter data filtering and sorting【sensitive to data

The use of internal KASSA (pure English system) for each batch of goods detailed information on the documentary and special note【 This is what I offer suggestions for improvement, for the special requirements of shipping samples or washed sample through remarks can be more timely treatment Recheck

Help the team leader arrange Files and opened the parcel, confirm the goods outbound situation


Trained experience

Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. of China LTD   -   Marketing people post training

In the current training of more than one hundred people won the outstanding contribution (6%), as a team leader at cohesion team, where the team was named the best team

In the marketing  words express customs clearance test logic and negotiation meeting make full excellent grades;

As a  host and event planning early, is responsible for making PPT of the speech and the design of the corporate culture posters

Specialty and interests

Basketball, Point Guard 

Photography,2 years experience in photography - Was awarded "the most beautiful you" exhibition second prize

Tourism, can adapt to the new environment - Have an adventurous spirit and passion to face the challenges 



Good listening, speaking and writing

【travel abroad and work experience in foreign company】

Mandarin secondary-level A certificate

【Expressing ability, standard mandarin】

 Excellent Office skills

handle report data,Make static or dynamic PPT for product demonstration, using Word editing copy and project proposal,Type 80 words per minute

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