YuSen Kao (高宇森)

Technical Skills

Python, Javascript, SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Jenkins, Drone, Docker, Appium, Selenium, Linux, Git, Bash, Scikit-learn, Keras, Flask, Meteor.

Side Projects

  • Joined competition: House Prices - Advanced Regression Techniques ranked top 7%. 
  • Joined competition: Titanic - Machine Learning from Disaster ranked top 18%.
    ※Above are in Kaggle. 


Software Engineer - JNAD TECHNOLOGY, Taipei. May 2017 – Nov 2018, Nov 2019 – Apr 2020

  • Created an app with a soil sensor which was named GreenPet that helps people take care of plants. According to my design, our company won an award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and received over one million NT dollars in subsidy.
    • Built an app with Meteor.js and Mongodb to receive data produced by and one or more sensors, more than 100 plant species can be tested in the database.
    • Created push notification developed from RESTful API using GCP.
    • Used Appium to test iOS and Android platforms to replace manpower.
    • Experienced building interfaces to third parties (e.g Ecpay, Slack.)
    • Built and deployed Docker containers for GreenPet applications, which improve developer workflow.
  • Created a system for a scooter shop that helps the shop to search and organize customer’s information to deduct working time effectively by 13% every day.
Alternative military service - Agency Against Corruption, Nantou. Nov 2018 – Nov 2019
  • Built a phone filtering system to check for fraudulent phone numbers and reduce human errors.
  • Created an application assisting the National Archives Administration, National Development Council that reduced 83% of work time.
  • Created an app to order food automatically for the agency, which reduced our working time by 67% every day.
  • Developed an application to connect all multifunction printers, solving FTP disabled in the office. 
Intern - Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu. Jul 2018 - Aug 2018
  • Used Appium to test over 100 cell phones every day on both iOS and Android.
  • Collaborated with five groups to create an automated testing environment using Jenkins. 
  • Researched the process of mobile notifications and created a push notifications server for both Android and iOS.


Yuan Ze UniversityM.S., Department of Computer Science & Engineering 2014 - 2018

  • Built an auto-compilation homework using bash script, improving working time by 91%.
  • Built an app using Python to create English word cards and reduce time used to search a dictionary.
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