Hsien-Chiang (John) Chiu

I'm an IT graduate student at the University of Auckland and major in hybrid-cloud application research. Was a senior data scientist with over nine years of experience in IC yield improvement. I coordinated IT, domain expert and data engineer to deliver high-reliability machine-learning-based solutions by Python, MATLAB and Java. Currently looking for a cloud-based client other than semiconductor manufacturing such as finance, retail, power control or consultant around the world. For me, I like to talk to people and understand what they really want. Travelling around the world and experiencing various cultures is my favourite after work.

Graduate Student at the University of Auckland

[email protected]

Work Experience

AI Project Coordinator, 2020 - 2021, 1 year, 6 months
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

@ Machine-learning-based DoE (Design of Experiments)
  • Consult 10+ process recipe tuning projects in advanced technology (N3, N2, N1.4)
  • Build up a machine-learning adoption framework to assist used OFAT to MFAT tuning.  

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Data Scientist. 2012 - 2019, 8 years 3 months
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

@ Machine Learning Solution Development 

  • Using OpenCV(C#), ImageJ (Java) and MATLAB for defect image identification by SVM and K-means, the solution provides a 100% defect identification rate and improves the cycle time from weekly to daily.
  • Leverage scikit-learn (Python) to establish a random-forest-based real-time equipment tuning. This methodology showed a good result of reducing 50% direct labour shift (from 54 to 27) by improving the beam tuning success rate from 62% to 96%.

@ IT System Integration

In a machine learning project, I integrated multi-language kernels into a workable solution among Java, Python, C# and MATLAB. 

@ Project Management 

  • Collaborate with IBM/SPSS to complete functionality-level verification for buyer reference. 
  • Host the university JDP (Joint Develop Project) to develop GDS weak point detection platform.
  • Experience 10+ ML projects to tackle huge datasets from untreated to analyzable.


Master of Information Technology
University of Auckland - New Zealand
2021 - current

To enrich the lake of the IT domain knowledge, I focus on establishing maintainable software and cloud implementations in the semiconductor and healthcare domains. During the first-year study, I've got my AWS Cloud Practitioner Citification and proposed a hybrid cloud solution for real-time production equipment tuning.

Master of Industrial Engineering
National Taiwan University - Taiwan
2008 - 2010

Mainly focus on machine learning algorithms study and semantic network construction for semiconductor manufacturing. In my master thesis, using coloured Petri nets (CPN) to model PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) to seek a workable equipment process optimization.

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
Yuan Ze University - Taiwan 
2004 - 2008

Major in computer programming such as ASP.NET, Java, C# and host a website project to a personal income/expense management system which includes project management and client/server coding.

Skills, Certification and Awards

Soft Skills

  • Well communicate and organize capability among stakeholders such as an executive secretary to host company internal workshop
  • 2021 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate <Link>
  • 2021 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner <Link>
  • 2018 Udacity Nanodegree of Machine Learning <Link>
  • 2018 TSMC Machine Learning Talent Development Program

Hard Skills

  • Multi programming language coding and integrating skills: 
    1. Java, C#, C, VB.NET, SQL
    2. Python, MATLAB
    3. Microsoft Excel
  • Multimedia material design capability
    1. Adobe After Effect
    2. Microsoft PowerPoint


  • TSMC 2020 Q2 division quarterly star
  • TSMC 2020 4th machine learning competition -  bronze award
  • TSMC 2018 2nd machine learning competition - recognition award
  • TSMC 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018 department monthly star

Research Reports

  • Supervised Learning: Try to Figure Out What Makes a Wine Better Than Another? <Link
  • The Architecture of the Hybrid Cloud Based Machine Learning Model Center <Link>

Paper Publications

  • Liangliang Sun; Luh, P.B.; Shian-Ching Chiou; Shi-Chung Chang; Jen-Hsuan Ho; Hsin Yuan Chen; Ji-Lun Chen; Chang, J.; Hsu, S.; , "Efficient dual-armed cluster tool performance via branch and cut optimization algorithm," Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA), 2011 9th World Congress on. (2011): 79-84. IEEE Xplore. Web.
  • Hsu, P. M., J. L. Chen, J. Chang, S. C. Chiou, J. H. Ho, S. C. Chang, L. L. Sun, P.B. Luh. 2010. "Design of Standard Modeling Process For Tool Sequencing Optimization Under Given Robot Control Logics". In Proc. of 2010 International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing: 1-4.

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