Joe Kao  高振倫

Data Engineer       

Majoring in data mining and database system, I am taught to grow into a person with positive attitude and willing to learn and progress. Being an active, creative and innovative member in a team, I can always provide different ideas through brainstorming. With numerous experiences and a great ability to deal with problem solving, I have strong determination to succeed and hope to make a contribution to every opportunity.

   Hsinchu, Taiwan           [email protected]

Programming Language

(Advanced) Python:

  • Build APIs, also good at analyzing the usage of open-sourced projects.
  • Scripting for the processors of workflows. / Tooling for any ad hoc task.
  • Develop standalone GUI applications.

(Intermediate) C/C++, JAVA, JSP, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Shell:

  • Code tracking, debugging, and rewriting.
  • Integrate code in different languages, re-implementing a higher readability version with Python code.


Data Engineering

  • Make good use of Pandas library, especially in data preprocessing, data parser, and data visualization.
  • Rich database knowledge on both RDBMS - MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and NoSQL - Elasticsearch, MongoDB.
  • Skilled in developing web crawlers, working on the perfection of ETL ecosystems.

System Administration

  • Great experiences in Unix / Linux OS, also understanding the settings of Hadoop and GCP.
  • Developed a habit to use ELK Stacks and Splunk solutions in daily works.
  • Expert in the troubleshooting of Mac, Windows, or any network device problem.


  • Cross-platform Python tools and automation software development.
  • Eager to share concepts and demonstrate best practices in CI/CD and Version Control.
  • User-friendly design and conscientious system operations, willing to provide test flow and widgets.

Work Experience

Data Engineer

MediaTek Inc.  •  Apr. 2019 - Present

- Implemented an ETL solution for up to 100+ EDA tools, being capable of processing 4000+ tool jobs and collecting 400+ GB tool reports every day.

- Designed a user-friendly and exception-tolerant debug flow to manage user-committed scripts for parsing EDA tool reports.

- Developed an automation of KPI parsing in place of users' manual executions, by combining above mentioned EDA tool reports and user scripts to produce KPI results for advanced analytics.

Data Engineer

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.  •  Feb. 2018 - Mar. 2019

Introduced modern development tools and constructed connections between high-level programming language and existent traditional database.

- Developed a search engine with flexible data structure as backend which provided Google-like search input and result ranking mechanism.
- Built ODBC Connector to link Python-based programs with MSSQL, making systems developed with modern techniques be able to access existent data tables.
- Reinforced team efficiency by introducing several tools on development environment and established CI flow connecting GitLab and Jenkins.
- Served as an internship mentor, leading project members to build machine learning model of License Plate Recognition System.
- Designed smart document parser, being competent to import heterogeneous data into MSSQL by ORM mechanism and data science modules.

Associate Engineer

Institute for Information Industry  •  Mar. 2016 - Feb. 2018

Rapidly developed web crawlers for various sites, further worked on RESTful APIs for data access and visualization.

- Worked on code refactoring on existed social media analysis system from PHP + MySQL into ElasticSearch + Python Flask, and generalized database columns improving querying performance.
- Designed an automated bot with recaptcha inputting interface to map Facebook contact information to user IDs.
- Developed a high-speed multiprocessing Facebook page crawler to collect daily posts and comments.
- Crawled and stored 1 million PCHOME Shopping items data, arranging with 50 million records of user click rate and geolocation providing by ISP.
- Built a Food Safety Reporting System by rapidly developing 22 different crawlers to collect data from Department of Health in all cities and counties in Taiwan.


2012 - 2016

National Tsing Hua University

Master of Information Systems and Applications

2008 - 2012

National Chung Cheng University

Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering

2005 - 2008

Kaohsiung Senior High School


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