Blake Huang

A software engineer with 3+ years of experience in software integration on Android platform. Currently dedicated in improving and maintaining fingerprint software development kit (SDK) for well incorporation in Android phones and tablets.

Taipei City, Taiwan
[email protected]



  • C
  • Python


  • GIT
  • Android SDK
  • Plantuml


  • English
  • Chinese

Work Experience

Egis Technology Inc.

Software Engineer, May 2019 - Present


  • Production support
    • Integrating fingerprint SDK, including client application (CA) and trusted application (TA), into mobiles/tablets.
    • Customizing software feature, such as functions for payment and enrollment/verification policies
    • Solving market issues and engineering problems 
  • Software performance
    • Integrating algorithm libraries, such as image processing and fingerprint recognition
    • Building and releasing Android package kit (APK) as a fingerprint application for
      • Production demonstration to customers 
      • Internal validations in software quality, including image quality, performance of false acceptance rate (FAR) / false rejection rate (FRR) and process time
  • Software development
    • Assisting in new biometric software framework
      • Supporting project teams to do integration on new devices
      • Developing new features to be compatible with multiple projects
      • Resolving issues reported from each project team
    • Reviewing source code and resolving vulnerabilities
  • Others
    • Developing software tools for QA to do their routines efficiently


  • Mass production of LG mobiles (V60 ThinQ, G8X ThinQ, Velvet, Wing)
  • Alipay certification
  • EMVco SBMP security evaluation certification
  • Fulfillment of 3 demo releases using new software framework in one time
  • An image counter written in Python for data collection and simulation test on Android devices
    • Replacing manually operation
      • Reducing time cost of data classification from 10 minutes to 0 in one collection
      • Decreasing human errors
    • Making it configurable to be applied on multiple projects


National Cheng Kung University

Master’s degree・Computer Science
2015 - 2018

Thesis: Automatic Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement Using Phase Contrast MRI

Phase contrast MRI (PC-MRI) has been widely applied to pulse wave velocity (PWV) measurement to detect the arterial stiffness. However, in order to observe PWV propagation, manual ROI selection for many regions of vessel, which is time-consuming, is often required for the flow velocity and distance analysis. Our purpose is to develop a tool that can trace vascular paths automatically for the multiple regions selection, based on an image segmentation technique and blood characteristics, and acquire the velocity information from the velocity maps to assess PWV.

National Cheng Kung University

Bachelor's degree ・Computer Science
2011 - 2015

Graduation Project: Dynamic Image Data Compression Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Principal Component Analysis

To develop an application of data compression on dynamic images with the use of Discrete Wavelet Transform and Principal Component Analysis.

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