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洪維呈(Blake Hung)

Front-end Engineer

National University of Kaohsiung, B.B.A. in Bachelor of Information Management
Hsinchu, [email protected]
Github | FB | Linkedin

Professional Skills


  • Familiarity with, TypeScript, RxJS, jQuery
  • Proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model
  • Familiarity with JSON/FORM POST in RESTful API

Framework & Tool &Builder

  • Angular、Vue.js
  • Git、Jira
  • Webpack
  • Visual  Studio Code


  • Familiarity with Bootstrap4、Kendo UI、Flatkit、SCSS

Front-end experience

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Chatroom application

Sails.js; Vue.js; jQuery; Bootstrap; Express.js; Socket I/O

Demo | GitHub

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Coffee Website (元啡驢派)

HTML/CSS; Bootstrap
Demo | GitHub

Work Experience

Howsense Intelligent Co., Ltd., Senior Frontend Web Developer, Jul 2020 ~ present

Product: Nidin ( The platform is used by 10,000 unique users every day, and the number of members is more than 1.2 million. The platform is based on Vue.js and its user interface uses Quasar FrameWork. This platform is used to invite friends to order meals together, and optimize the payment, collection, and order acceptance. Stores and brands can view order analysis information


Manifold Health Tech Inc., Frontend Web Developer, Apr 2019 ~ Feb 2020

Develop the web application by Angular for hospital with platform to deploy clinic-specific applications to seamlessly integrate, utilize, and distribute all the information during the medical workflows, to minimize the risk of malpractice and increase the efficiency of the process. 


Tien-Chang Interactive Creative Co., Ltd., Web developer, Oct 2018 ~ Jan 2019

1. Development and maintenance line bot platform by PHP, web app kit using Flatkit, manipulate database through RedBeanPHP & Exploring customers needs about the customization of Line Chatbot.


BotPartner, Frontend Web Developer, Aug 2016 ~ July 2018

Facebook Messenger/Line ChatBot platform of Web

1. Use Bootstrap and Vue.js and Bootstrap to develop platform templates.

2. Through lectures and course promotion platforms and participation in Startup Pitch Competitions.

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