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Bobby Kalaf

Developer / Programmer / Consultant  •  Atlanta, US  •  [email protected]

Passionate about technology and it's use in making our lives easier, more productive, and more interconnected - constantly seeking to find the most advantageous balance between the scholarly ideals (for example, pure functions or design pattern), operational efficiency (ROI and scalability), and long-term maintainability and expansion (maintainable and testable code).


Dysfunctional Development, LLC, June 2017 - Present

Dysfunctional Development, LLC, June 2017 - Present DD's core client is a small business with less than 10 employees or an individual (self-employed, retired, but non-technical) and seeks to bridge the current divide offering full service IT support, development and management that is unavailable to these smaller entities because they can't afford a full-time IT professional and a full-time developer. In addition to it's client base, there are some developer tools and web applications that we are working on internally and plan to release in 2018. These leverage HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and use Bootstrap and JQuery for additional control and take advantage of Suave F# Remoting and Fable (F# to JavaScript transpiler), as well. Currently on a 3 month project working to upgrade a core application with roughly 25 connected applications and 50 services and I am the owner / sole proprietor.

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State of Georgia, Dept of Admin Services, Sept 2016 - June 2017

The position I held was Statistical Data Analyst / Small Application Developer at DOAS supported the Goods team under the Statewide Contracts division. These contracts are usually in the multi-million dollar range and run for 5 years (in the form of a 2-year base, plus 3 1-year options to renew). I supported them in both a technical capacity (the two projects) and a daily support role mostly via ad-hoc data analysis. The state systems are centered on PeopleSoft at the core, and Jagger (formerly SciQuest) as their customer facing web portal. Internally, Microsoft Office is the backbone with Word and Excel taking center stage.


Whole Foods Market, March 2010- April 2016

I started with Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles (Southern Pacific Region) and transitioned through Seattle (Pacific Northwest Region) in 2014 to Atlanta (South Region) in 2015 all in a similar capacity in all 3 regions. My job included reporting, pricing analysis, promotional analysis, financial forecasting, competitive impact analysis, competitive impact monitoring, report and presentation generation. This position dual reported to the Regional President and Regional Vice President.



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Project 01

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Project 02

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Project 03

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Mass Transit ERFP, Oct 2016-June 2016

This was a statewide solicitation to establish a statewide contract to purchases buses, cutaways, and transit vans for state, regional and local entities. The estimated annual spend was $15 million dollars which includes such entities as MARTA, Athens/Clarke County Regional Transit, Department of Transportation along with Cobb County and Gwinnet Country Regional Transit. When this solicitation closed to be evaluated, we had 21 individual responses with a total count of 894 documents. I created a custom Excel workbook using Visual Basic for Applications and a C# VSTO project that reduced the size of the workbook from 160 worksheets to 5 and provided a user interface for bid management for the suppliers. Additionally, added a click tracking feature, a first for State Purchasing, providing new insight into suppliers for this RFP process using Sharepoint and I also authored sections 5 and 6 of the ERFP (cost evaluation and cost sheet instructions) in ASCIIDoc, and introduced the benefits of a markup language to the state.

QSR Unification, Sept 2016- Jan 2017

I was a key stakeholder and participant in this project to unify supplier sales reports and convert to a pay-of-invoice paradigm providing auditing and transparency to DOAS and the State Accounting Office. The project scope was 319 suppliers over a wide range of goods and services : including but not limited to rental cars, mail equipment, temporary staffing, gasoline and police pursuit vehicles. We first created a common data model for all suppliers that reduced the number of templates by 50%. The state had contracted with an outside vendor for custom software (ETL essentially) which we User Acceptance Tested. We then created and led trainings for suppliers, and contract managers and launched the initiative increasing vendor compliance by 43% the first quarter implemented. In the process, we also identified a number of data quality issues that were unknown to the state particulary a vendor overpaying the state in admin fees for a number of years.

Promotional Impact Tool, 2014

This project involved developing a tool to estimate the financial impact to WFM stores by promotions including secondary item effective and cannibalization. This would allow the Regional Product Coordinators to quickly analyze impact of short-term promotions with a high degree of customization that the tool provided. The tool engine was written in F# and ran as a stand alone 'server' while the 'client' was a GUI interface in Excel allowing 5 major areas to be "pivoted" by the user: brand, category, store, day of the week, and time of day. The server essentially performed dynamic lookups of static data in a 12 month lookback and then compared current performance YOY for a baseline. The use of Excel gave the impression of an Excel workbook and masked the client/server architecture which cut the learning curve by using a familiar tool for the product team. This tool allowed the teams to improve promotional sales forecasting by 72% and margin forecasting by 32% in the first two quarters.

Experience 04, Jan 2013 - Jan 2014

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Programming Languages

C#, F#, Visual Basic, Java. JavaScript, TypeScript, Python,, ASCIIDoc, Markdown, HTML5, CSS

IDEs, Tools, Visualizers

JetBrains Rider, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text, Tableau

Databases and Data Storage

SQL Server, MySql, PostGres, SqlLite, JSON, YAML, XML

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