I am Brandon Chiu, come from Banqiao, New Taipei city, Taiwan. Recently, I finished the training from "IoT Application Engineer", a plan of the Workforce Deployment Agency, Minister of Labor. In the period of the training, I learned the SKILLS :
1. Embedded linux system: the use of cross-compile by Toolchain, basic knowledge of Bootloader, setting the peripheral from Kernel menu, and make a lightweight Linux OS by the Buildroot.
2. Embedded C : the string processing from <string.h>, the thread and low-level I/O from <unistd.h>, and bitwise…etc.
3. Front-End web design : Node.js to set up a server, jQuery to fetch the data of JSON format, RWD Web, CRUD to MaraDB Database.
4. Telecommunication : TCP, UDP, AJAX, Websocket, MQTT
Our team made a project which called "IoT Parking Lot System" and published this in the final special topic. I mainly responsible for the MCU of the ARM Cortex-M0 to use TCP fetching data and displaying the rest of the car space number and the Raspberry Pi of the ARM Cortex-A53 to use MQTT to subscribe from the server and handle a different module processing.

Before class, I was a wholesale consultant for "Cola Tour" company. Customer management for 30 travel agency, selling product, customized MICE group, collect account, document verification are my primary responsibilities. I earned 150 million turnovers in 2019 for the company, and acquired the English Tour Leader of certification.(TOEIC L/R 830) Retired from the parachute army, I once joined the Han Kuang 31st Exercis and had 12 times jump off the C-130.

Graduated from Information Management, Chinese Culture University. I made a front end web site for TV company, and made a final special topic which called finding surf location system app.

Because of Convid-19 in 2020, I deeply inspired from some books. So I made my mind to keep improving myself.

Wholesale Sales Specialist at COLATOUR 
March 2016 - November 2020
Maintain the customer relationship of 32 travel agents
Customize the itinerary for MICE group and special group( If necessary )
Sale the tour package all over the world ( group & individual )
The annual number of Taiwanese going abroad by me : over 4200 Taiwanese
Check passport and visa for each tourist
Earned 150 million turnover in 2019 for the company

Sales Specialist at HiTravel                           
                                                                            February 2013 - February 2015
Customize the itinerary for MICE group ( If necessary )
Sale the tour package all over the world ( group & individual )
Check passport and visa for each tourist
Web design ( Language : PHP ) 

Chef at Come On Italy                                 
                                                                              February 2011 - January 2012
Cook the pasta
Make the pizza and the cake Maintain sanitary in the kitchen 

Chinese Culture University                                                    2010 - 2014  Bachelor's degree, Information management of department


IoT Parking Lot


free diving, work-out, playing basketball, jogging

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