Sheng Jie Yuan

  [email protected]

• Software:Axure , Trello , JIRA , Sketch , Google Analytics , Microsoft
• Education:Department of finance , Tunghai University

• Qualification:TOEIC 925


Product Project Manager 

KumaGaming Co., Ltd.  •  Mar 2019 - Present

Job Function:
     • Manage products facing 4 different target markets, including devices such as 

        Websites/Tablets/Mobiles , defining website specifications and functional processes
     • Develop and optimize the back-end system, producing PRD documents, wireframe, user story, 

        flow charts and track the progress of the development
     • Communication and coordination, integrate the front-end and back-end requirements from 

        Merchants , operation team and users, execute demand analysis and scheduling
     • Data analyzation and improvement, tracking performance tuning by Google Analytics and Tag 


     • Optimization of Marketing and Payment system structure : 
        Cooperated with the marketing and affiliate team to increase more than 500,000 USD cash flow 
        per month for each product
     • Front-end interface and process optimization : 
        Increased the number of user registrations by 20%, successfully integrated 20 game suppliers 
        and 4 payment providers
     • Developed wallet transfer system : 
        In response to market trends and data analysis, solving complicated usage procedures and 
        improved user experience
     • Management back-end revision : 
        In response to the need of merchants, cooperated with technical department, more than 20 
        functions had been added to improve manager efficiency and marketing team selections

Product Manager

Kutomato Co., Ltd.  •  Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

Job Function

     • Responsible for platform front-end revision, producing  APP / website functional process flow 
        chart and wireframe

     • Complete the management back-end revision, including user interviews, function integration 
        and interface optimization

     • Defining new function development, including marketing tools, bonus and game control, 
        wireframe drawing, PRD documents and integration testing


     • After revision of front-end, it had been well-reputed by VIP guests, and the continuous use time of 
        platform had increased significantly

     • After back-end optimization, took apart in Philippines exhibition, and won praise from more than 
        20 merchants during the exhibition period and deposit paid

     • Completed payment process optimization, increased deposit efficiency and amount by 20%

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