Brian Christopher DuPree


  Atlanta, GA, USA

Brian Christopher DuPree is a life-long painter, beginning his study of oil painting as a young child. As a teenager, he worked with his father, creating paintings for restaurants around Tampa, Florida, where he was born. In 2000, he received his Master of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting, from the University of South Florida College of the Arts. After graduating from college, he entered the art trade as a professional, inspired by landscapes and cityscapes and abstracts only beheld by the most adventurous. Taking an adventurous trip around the States and watching the seasons and the light change daily across all those beautiful places, provided endless inspiration for his work. After this exploratory cross-country trip, he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia.There he quickly blended into the vibrant art scene. Throughout his career, Brian Christopher DuPree has created a unique style of her own, bringing elements of classic impressionism together with modern expressionism, and a dash of “plein-air style.” Her oil paintings stand out in crowd, bringing a fresh new look to contemporary Western landscapes.

Work Experience

Painter  •  Brian Christopher DuPree

May 2000 - Present

Brian Christopher DuPree is an acclaimed Georgia-based artist who paints cityscapes, landscapes, historical buildings and more intimate views of the area. All his paintings, including commissions, are carried out in a most professional manner. He is a member of several art organizations and has entered juried art shows receiving many awards & prizes.


1996 - 2000

University of South Florida



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