Brian Kezer

Basic Exercises That Work Out the Pectorals

Based in Maryland, Brian Kezer is a professional with extensive leadership experience. A sports enthusiast, Brian Kezer also maintains a focus on fitness and works out in his free time. When it comes to working out the chest it's important to realize that, while the pectoral muscles are the largest, there are several smaller support muscles, such as the lats (latissimus dorsi) on the side and the trapezius muscle above, extending to the shoulders.

A well-rounded chest workout should incorporate a number of complementary exercises. These include the foundational barbell bench press, which involves positioning the bar above the upper chest or chin, with straight wrists and elbows, and palms forward. From that extended position, the bar is gradually lowered on the inhale, until it touches the chest. With the elbows slightly flared out, keep the back flat and wrists straight as you extend upward to the starting position while exhaling.

The pec deck is an exercise that involves sitting upright with arms raised to shoulder level and elbows bent, in a classic “hands up” position. The elbows are positioned on the machine’s wings’ center pad and used to power a smooth, slow pushing inward, to the point where they nearly touch. The reverse movement should also be slow and continuous. Keep in mind that a small amount of weight goes a long way, as shoulder injures can occur with too much load.

Other exercises that work out the pecs include dips, pushups, chest presses, and bent forward cable crossovers with a high-pulley machine.

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