Process/Material technical specializing in the East Asian region of Taiwan and China. Providing issues failure mode construction and effective solutions to customers/insiders. With excellent organizational skills and led a team of 5 + people. Seeking a new challenge in a foreign company in the 3C technical related field.

  Taichung City, Taiwan

Working Experience

Oct. 2017 - Present

Technical/Product development assistant manager  GENERAL INTERFACE SOLUTION LIMITED

⚫Participating NPI productions: Force touch/CGS/Face ID (iPhone), 3D lamination projects implemented successfully (6 cases); Development productions: new dispensing / cooling module on DOE design.
⚫Clarify issues by process or material, like sensor BP crack, ACF bonding fail…etc., more advanced FACA.
⚫Cross-department cooperation with NPI/PE/EM/IQC/PM/PD/CAE team. For example, we found the OCA CTE factor is the key causing the glue de-lam issue during TC test with CAE team.
⚫Material testing method establishment for IQC/process, like peeling force, curing rate, viscosity SOP built.
⚫As an assistant manager, hiring and leading crews to solve issues from internal/external requests and training basic skills in parallel. Leading my crews won the third prize of the 2020 CIP(DFSS) competition.
⚫Business travel: Align peeling SOP with SDV in Vietnam (2018); 3 ways to discuss with vendor/customer about dispensing status in Shenzhen (2020); Face ID product issue solving in Shenzhen (2018).
⚫Patents innovation: pass rate 64% (Total 14 patents).
⚫Regular phase report to high level supervisor, CTO and customer.

Nov. 2015 – Jun 2017


⚫ Importing IC/wafer product testing from customers through insiders
⚫ Process related work : Testers, socket, programming qualifications,etc., to make sure the schedule is on time
⚫ Issues analysis from concerned data and further tracking
⚫ As customers contact window for emergency ENG requirements

Oct. 2013 – Aug. 2015

Process engineer  Mosel Vitelic Inc.

⚫ Polycrystalline silicon solar cell process defects F/R and improves yield
⚫ Optimized process parameters to enhance photoelectric conversion efficiency
⚫ Raw material verification
⚫ Solved online process emergencies


Sep 2018 - Jun 2020

National Chung Hsing University

Materials science


⚫  Process/Material FA ability

⚫  Projects DOE planning

⚫  FA skills training

⚫  Teamwork

⚫  Problems solving

⚫  Coordination

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