Bridgett Duran

Sometimes what we think about our future is not enough. Sometimes we stay in our past or just live in the present, which is not so bad, but we must think about how we want our life to be in the future. As a rule, in order to have an ideal future, you need to set goals and organize, but life gives us little time for this, or many believe. We are those who must create a space in order to think about all those things that we want to achieve, about all our dreams.

Our dreams and goals are one of the most important foundations of our future.

In order to analyze my own future, I created this blog, in which what I planned for the future, my lifestyle, is a little broken down by areas. This is obvious to all people, but we all have desires and desires that make us move forward to reach them. In this work, I will show a little of my life project, an important dynamic that we must take into account when planning our future. In this work, my opinion is divided into areas related to my own future, about these areas, my futuristic vision of them and some of their importance for me in order to create a small life project that will lead me to a better future.

City, US
[email protected]

Work Experience

Experience 2009 - 2016

Sales Manager "Oxendale Auto Group", a large textile company.


- Conducted business negotiations with customers of the company;

- controlled receivables; - actively searched for new customers;

- participated in measures to expand the range of products; 

- conducted price monitoring. 


- The existing customer base has been saved without losses. 

- Attracted 6 new customers, of which 1 large. 

- Annual sales plan overfulfillment by 10-12%.

Experience 02, Jan 2016 - Present

Copywriter in "Tutoriage"

My skills and experience 

I write literate, unique, interesting, informative, readable texts on various topics 

• I have sufficient experience in writing copyright articles for women's portals and sites for parents. She created content for an online store for clothes for pregnant and lactating women, for a website for a company selling construction materials, a company for the production of children's clothing, a company for organizing holidays, an Internet project for developing ideas for small and medium-sized businesses. I work with text uniqueness verification programs (Advego Plagiatus, eTXT Anti-plagiarism, DCFinder) 

Fluent in English and Spanish.

Example of my work(I wrote this for the service site)

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