Bryan Lin (林政融) 

- At least 14 years JAVA / frontend programming experience (Full Stack) , and some other languages (not master) such as Golang, Node.js, .NET Core, PHP.etc. 

- Familiar with AWS Cloud (container solution)

- Familiar with Docker

- Project management with JIRA SCRUM Board 

- Using Jenkins to do CI/CD. 

- Using Hazelcast, Apache Karaf to do HA relative infrastructure.  

- Expertise on performance tuning (JVM, RMDB, Multi-threading)

- Deployed open source to maven central and share the source code
on github : 


- Responsible for job / work.
- Good communication with customer / internal users.
- Good team player
- Self management to commit schedule.

Senior Software Engineer
[email protected]


趨勢科技, Senior Software Engineer, Sep 2019 ~ 現在

台灣 台北市
1. Develop internal system golang, React.js with micro services architecture on AWS ECS, launched with AWS Fargate to auto scale
2. Migrating legacy code C# and java to new generation system golang,
Reject.js .
3. Set up project CI/CD with Jenkins pipeline script.
4. Use AWS CloudWatch from Fargate to receive container logs for telemetry purpose.
5. Integration of internal system with Black Duck to scan vulnerability and 3pp license issues and bind Black Duck scan to CI/CD as security test.
6. Negotiation with different departments to collect user experience feedbacks then provide enhancement proposal to stakeholders and launch new feature in a fast pace.


MyGift Enterprise LLC, IT Manager, Dec 2017 ~ Aug 2019

台灣 台北市
1. Maintaining internal system to ensure our products photo and writing can upload to famous e-commerce platform in America for sale constantly.
2. Deploying internal system on AWS EC2 instance and use Aliyun to resolve
China network issue since our staffs are distributed on US, China, and Taiwan
3. Use JIRA Scrum board to do project management, 2 weeks for a Sprint, and start Spring Planning and Review meeting once a Sprint.
4. Use AWS CodeCommit to do source code version control.
5. Study the feasibility of integrating other e-commerce platform for our internal systems and plan to do product upload automation.

6. Collaboration with China IT team to do data change between our internal systems.


HwaCom Systems Inc, RD Manager, May 2014 ~ Nov 2017

1. Responsible for developing our own IoT product with several different hardware protocols, such as OPC, Mib, Modbus, SNMP, Onvif...etc.
2. Use JIRA Scrum board to do project management and Bitbucket for source code version control.
3. Use maven and grunt to do automation with Jenkins to achieve CI / CD goal.
4. Help to review Jr. software engineer's code to ensure the code quality.
5. Help other projects that need to integrate software and hardware.


連穎科技, RD , May 2013 ~ May 2014

1. Responsible for developing data mining products, and use the same source code to build 2 different products that have some features the same but a huge difference of UI / UX
2. Use Team Foundation Server to do Scrum project management with 1 week interval as a Sprint.


引士通, Software Engineer, Nov 2009 ~ Dec 2012

1. Have to be on site for clients to resolve technical issues and build good architecture of system for faster development.
2. Participate government financial tax software projects and corporate with more than 100+ vendors to make the progress. For this project, my role is pure
3. Participate an internal project of a famous telecom company to integrate their Oracle ERP system to create a user friendly UI/UX for purchasing necessary items. For this project, my role is PG


Acer ITS, Inc, Software Engineer, Mar 2008 ~ Nov 2009

1. Responsible for developing new features and maintaining e-government systems.
2. Negotiate with stakeholders for requirements and schedules
3. Solid Java programming skills (struts1 + spring 2 + hibernate 3)


鴻揚科技有限公司, Software Engineer, May 2007 ~ Mar 2008

1. Be a contractor that is onsite in a famous telecom company to integrate internal software and hardware systems.
2. Negotiate with stakeholders to gathering requirements and do system analysis, system design, then implement and test new features.
3. Solid Java skills (spring 2 + hibernate 3 + jms)


通用數碼, Software Engineer, May 2005 ~ May 2007

1. Responsible for maintaining on prem products and customer service.
2. Customize products to fulfill customer's requirements.
3. Solid ASP skills and frontend skills (ajax, jquery)


今陽科技, Software Engineer, Jul 2004 ~ Mar 2005

1. Responsible for developing GIS systems with 2D / 3D projects.
2. Responsible for internal system maintenance such as mail system, leave system, and so on.
3. Solid VB, ASP, PHP skills.
4. Familiar with Arch-GIS



逢甲大學, 學士學位, 資訊工程, 1999 ~ 2003

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