Ruei-Yu Wang  王瑞瑜                 Taiwan, Taipei

1.5 year front-end developer experience. Familiar with agile scrum development framework.

Have researched front-end game development for a while and finally get the capacity to build some games to entertain myself.

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Dev tools

   javascript    html   CSS  
   React   Redux Styled-component

  Node     PostgreSQL       Next 


Work Experience



十月 2019 - 二月 2021
Taipei, Taiwan

Building Veterinary CMS with tech stack:
- React  / Redux / React router / styled-component
- Jest
- PostgreSQL
- Express

- Medical Image SVG annotation editor
- Medical report drafting page (slateJS)
- Payment page UI and functionality
- Update existing CMS page styling according to design draft
- maintain and testing



二月 2017 - 二月 2019
Taipei, Taiwan

Discuss technology details with the inventors, and draft invention specifications. I have handle patent applications for companies like AUO(友達), Delta(台達), Canon(佳能), and so on.
Good language skills are required for the job. (IELTS 7.5)

2014 - 2016

台灣大學 物理碩士

2010 - 2014

台灣大學 物理學士


Play with your friends

   Defeat monsters to level up

Unlock skins and weapons

Pixel Strike

A simple multi-player realtime ARPG, which can be played on both desktop and mobileHave fun : )

Game link:
Repository :

Primary Tools

1. NodeJs as game server deployed on Heroku
   - game loops logic
   - buffering player states to facilitate reconnection

2Socket.IO to establish webSocket connections between server and clients

3. Phaser & MatterJs in charge of rendering and physics

Assisting Tools

1. Typescript is used to aid heavily OOP-oriented game codes

2. Though most of the assets are from, there are times I need Tiled & Aseprite to create my own pixel-art

Health recorder

A full-stack application to save your sleep, eat, and exercise record.


1. NextJs deployed on Vercel 

2Tailwind CSS for layout and styling 

3PassportJs to facilitate sign up / login 

4AWS RDS (PostgreSQL) as database 

5SWR as data fetching strategy

You can use demo/0000 to see pre-filled data or simply sign up a new one at:


Older projects are not maintained, 
but if you are interested, they are here:

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