Bo-Xian Chen (Percy)

Backend Engineer

  Hsinchu, Taiwan

I am a backend engineer in cloud software company, and I mainly develop restful API with Django currently. This job contains the related development of OpenStack and Kubernetes, so I know a little knowledge about these tools.

I will think meticulously whether there is a suitable design pattern or over-engineering for new features before I develop new ones to improve the scalabilities and maintainance of programs. I like to study the new technology in my free time and be enthusiastic for learning. In this way, it makes more fluent in my development. The techniques that I'm learning currently are Golang, Kubernetes and Design Pattern.


Study Activities



  • Python (Django) / Node.js / Golang
  • MySQL / Elastic Search
  • Celery / RabbitMQ
  • Kubernetes / OpenStack / Slurm


  • Design Pattern
  • VCS
  • Postman
  • Robot Framework
  • Jenkins CI, GitLab CI/CD

Work Experience

Backend Engineer — Gemini Open Cloud (GOC)

  • Develop restful API with Django to implement company product - PaaS System (Integrate with OpenStack, Kubernetes and Slurm)
  • Product license generation / authentication system
  • Abnormal accounts processing system with Node.js, pm2 and rabbitMQ.
  • Develop IaC with Boah CPI to simplify the tedious deployments.
  • Automatic Script for migrating virtual machines.
  • Integrate CI / CD test with Gitlab.

Jan. 2019 - Present


2016 - 2018

National Sun-Yat Sen University

Master of Science Computer Science and Engineering

2012 - 2016

National Taitung University, 

Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science and Information


Voronoi Diagram

Language: Python

GUI Package: SimpleGUICS2Pygam

Feature: Draw a Voronoi Diagram (within 4 points)



I write blogs in learning Django, not only enhance my memory for Django, but help Django beginners.

K8s App Development

I learn more kubernetes knowledge and usage scenario in this book. 

Design Pattern

I study design pattern to improve my scalabilities and maintenance of programs.

Python Tricks

Learning more basic python usage builds up my foundational python skills.

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