I have been teaching Mandarin for five years in university & online classrooms, and company boardrooms. Focus on helping students grow in reading and conversation, giving them the tools and inspiring them to explore Taiwanese culture on their own. Once they can experience everything around them with confidence, their learning accelerates on its own.

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Mandarin Instructor

EnBW Asia Pacific  •  August 2020 - Present

Teach both Beginner and Intermediate Chinese courses. Have guided my students from basic phonetics to a beginner's level. Created teaching materials for students to practice each sentence structure including reading, listening, and speaking.

Mandarin Instructor

National Taiwan Normal University  •  November  2020 – December  2020

Worked at the Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students. Taught my 12 students simultaneously in person and online. Guided them from basic phonetics to beginner's level in a month. Made my own teaching videos for remote learning.

Mandarin Teacher

National Taipei University of Education   •  July 2018 – August 2019

Worked as a Chinese Summer Camp teacher in the Chinese Language Education Center for two years. Taught students using created materials that separate vocabulary and grammar into topics relevant to students visiting Taiwan, including reading examples, practice sections, and classroom activities.

Mandarin Instructor

Ming Chuan University  •  November  2018 – July 2019

Taught students from basic phonetics to TOCFL beginner’s level in three months during TaiwanICDF and Ming China University collaboration project. Made my own teaching material "Taipei Story" for short-term study programs.

Mandarin Instructor

Chientan Youth Activity Center  •  April 2018 – May 2019

Worked as a Mandarin instructor in the Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth-Philippine for two years. Taught them both language knowledge and Chinese cultures and guided them from intermediate to advanced level.

Mandarin Instructor

Taipei Medical University  •  October  2016 – May 2017

Taught students from TOCFL intermediate high level to advanced high level in two months during TaiwanICDF and Taipei Medical University collaboration scholarship program.


Chinese Culture Online Instructor

Gainesville Chinese School •  February 2021 February 2021

Tea Culture

Taught students the history of Tea Culture and the difference between traditional tea and modern tea. Guided them to make their own bubble tea with PowerPoint.

Chinese Culture Instructor

Ming Chuan University •  July 2019 August 2019

Peking Opera

Taught students the origin of Peking opera, the meaning of different facial makeup. Guided them to draw their own masks.

Chinese Calligraphy

Taught students the Eight Principles of Yong as well as the stroke order. Guided them to write Chinese characters on red envelopes in Chinese calligraphy.

Chinese Culture Teacher

National Taipei University of Education   • July 2019 August 2019

Indigo Dyeing

Taught students how Indigo dye is used in Taiwan. Guided them to use indigo dye and tools to create their own patterns on cloth.



2015 - 2019

University of Taipei

M.A. Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Certificate of Qualification to Teach Mandarin Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language

2011 - 2015

University of Taipei

B.A. Chinese Language and Literature


Mandarin (Native)

English (Fluent)

Cantonese (Fluent)

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