Grigoryev Vladislav (CALISTA)

I am a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast and I advocate for the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. I am a validator in many projects and actively participate in testnets. I can moderate communities and translate articles into Russian and Kazakh languages, I like creating memes. I am constantly engaged in cryptocurrency and am always happy to become a part of a new project and develop. 

  Atyrau, Kazakhstan                 

Work Experience

Validator  •  Umee

October 2021 - Present

Validator in testnet. My node:
Active member of discord community:

Validator and Moderator  •  Findora

July 2021 - Present

Validator in the testnet. My node:
Moderator of the official telegram chat:

Validator  •  Solana

May 2021 - Present

Validator in the testnet. My node:
In 4-5 months I will be invited to the mainnet. An active member of the Solana RU Tech community.

Validator  •  NYM

March 2021 - Present

Validator in the testnet. My mix node:
An active participant in official chats.
NUM (Russian):


2011 - 2014


mechanic technician for the Operation of gas and oil pipelines and gas and oil storages.


  • Nodes runner
  • Memes creator
  • Content creator and translator
  • Willing to learn new things 
  • Ability to create infographics
  • Get along well with others 


  • English — Intermediate
  • Russian — Native
  • Kazakh — Native
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