Sammi Chang

You are looking for a team player and a connection through internal and external.
The one who’s SMART-rules-oriented and powered by integrity.
The one who communicates and solves problem in a logical, considerate and creative way.
She's ready to build the future with TSMC!

  +886 910 317 610  •  [email protected]

Please call during 9 a.m.-5 p.m. or email at your convenience. Thank you.



  • Chinese: Native Speaker
  • English: Fluent
-TOEIC score of 900
-Business Proposals
 (Product/ Event/ startup business)
-Negotiation/ Presentation
-Interpretation/ Translation
-Moderation/ Hosting
-Public Speaking/ Lecturing
  • Spanish: Basic
           -DELE A1 Certification

           -Casual Communication
           -Email Writing

Project Management

  • Initiate Project of Virtual Reality in National Museum of Taiwan 
  • Lead Developing FESTogo app
  • Lead 2020 Global Forum on Festival Events (Recognized by Asian Federation of Exhibition & Convention Associations)
  • Lead 2020 City of Love and Happiness- Kaohsiung International Forum (Recognized by Taiwan Exhibition & Convention Association)


  • Familiar with Project Management assistants and tools: SlackNotionand G Suite (Calendar, Sheets, Drive, Docs, Forms etc.)
  • Proficient with Word, PowerPoint, excel (Microsoft Office Specialist Master Certificate and Level B technician for computer software application) 
  • Present with Tableau Data Visualization/ Powtoon video/ info graphic


  • Inbound marketing certificate

Hubpot Academy 

  • Digital marketing certificate

Google Digital Garage 
3JP X68 347

  • Affiliate marketing/ Content marketing (through case study and self-learning) 

Public Relations

  • Inviting anchors from TVBS and Public Television Service to National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
  • Designated Editor-in-chief on Model Campus News Paper (English)
  • Involving in CNA training of abroad correspondent (Chinese/ English)

  • Interviewing and copywriting for Yancheng district, Kaohsiung, for its local culture and cuisine promotion (Chinese)

Cross-cultural Communication

  • Project leading between College of Humanities and Social Sciences and College of Electrical engineering and Computer Science
  • Interpretation and reception for Derek Hallquist- American Flim Producer/ Trần Văn Học- VP of Vietnam Standards and Quality Association
  • Interest-based negotiation and coordination with Indian and Serbia 3D Artists on object and character from Unity Connect


Bachelor of Applied Foreign Language 
(The Business and Information Technology Program) 
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, 2016 - 2020

In applied language department, we acquire knowledge and practice professional skills in selected industries (business, public relations, technology and etc.) through foreign languages, mostly and especially in English. 

Achievements in Event Planning

Exhibition & Convention Industry

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Proposal and Presentation in Asian Federation of Exhibition & Convention Associations (AFECA) 

-Representatives of Taiwan 
-2019 AFECA MICE Youth Challenge
-Special Recognition Award
-Most Acknowledgeable Award

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Taiwan Exhibition & Convention Association (TECA)

-Invited to 2020 TECA Night Gala

-Special Recognition Award 

(Proposal and presentation)

-Most Acknowledgeable Award (Proposal and Q/A session)

Case by Case Work Experience

3-year Executives for Events and Exhibitions (to name a few)

-Grand Opening of Metal industries research & development centre 
-Best of Input by International Public Television
-Kaohsiung Marine Technology Industrial Innovation Zone Forum 

Planning and Executive for the Project of Virtual Reality in National Museum of Taiwan History

CAMEO InfoTech Inc. Jul 2019 - Jan 2020

-Analyzing the 15 million tender document and organizing for it
-Detecting and identifying future key person and prominent consultants in the project: history, VR film-maker, 3D artist and etc.
-Corresponding and negotiating with those experts and in charge of MOU, LOI agreement before submitting the bid

Moderating and Interpreting for The 2019 on Upholding Consumer’s Traveling Rights 

Consumer Protection Association in Taiwan (CPAT)

Moderating for The 19th Symposium on Digital Life Technologies

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST)

Consultant on start-up business strategy and application of UX/ UI 

JiaJing Network Technology Co. Aug 2019- Jun 2020

-Developing application and improving user interface and experience before official launch
-Offering market segmentation, positioning advice
-Suggesting on effective applicable and affordable marketing strategies

-Assisting start-up management by cutting down at least 2% expense on unnecessary platforms

Lead of Application Development (ios)

  • Collecting and analyzing references from parallel or similar applications
  • Gathering potential users' need and want by Questionnaire
  • Coordinating with engineer based on user experience, content and user interface
  • Testing, launching and collecting feedback

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CNA Oversea Correspondent Training

- compiling a news report through hands-on projects

- establishing ethical standards for news gathering processes

- enhance the understanding of the global field of journalism

- cultivate the ability of news writing and interviewing

TVBS Yeh Jia Rong instructing Broadcasting

-exploration issue by conceiving and collecting deep information

-processing dry, soundbite, background sound, voice over and natural sound 

-generating sound on tape, avoiding pitfall on air and preparing for emergency 

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Press and Release

I was leading a school team shooting in newsroom during sophomore and junior year, as well as training for writing news in English and Traditional Chinese. 

Diplomatically, I've been experiencing the roles of speaker, spokes person, mediator, negotiator and various kinds of communicating position since high school.

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