Camille Duvall Hero

Director of Sales  • Warburg Realty • New York City •

Camille Duvall-Hero is a luxury real estate agent, former sought-after broadcast journalist, and and ex-World Champion waterskier. For the past decade, she has dedicated herself to connecting New Yorkers with their ideal luxury homes. Currently, she serves as the Sales Director for Warburg Realty's Flatiron office in New York City. Outside of work, Camille enjoys spending time with her family and pursuing her passions for environmental conservation and the advancement of women athletes.


Director of Sales

Warburg Realty
January 2015 - Present

Camille Duvall was appointed to her current position as Warburg Realty's Director of Sales (Flatiron Office) after ten years of hard work as one of the firm's top brokers.

Managing Director

Warburg Realty
October 2004 - Present

Camille Duvall Hero took on a managing role within Warburg Realty after proving her real estate savvy and sharp negotiating skills in the field.

Sales Person

Halstead Property
September 2001 - October 2004

Camille Duvall began her career transition from broadcast sports journalist to real estate professional when she decided to set down permanent roots in New York City. Her first foray into the field was through her role as a sales professional with Halstead Property in the Greater New York City Area.

Sports Reporter

June 1993 - June 2004

During her tenure as a sought-after broadcast journalist, Camille Duvall Hero worked as a sideline reporter for Fox, ESPN and Lifetime Television covering water skiing, the X Games, WNBA, NHL Hockey, and the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Duvall-Hero also hosted "Men's Journal," an outdoor travel adventure show on ESPN.

5-Time World Champion

Professional Water Skier
May 1984 - May 1993

Camille Duvall is a former champion athlete and is well-known as a prominent figure in women's professional waterskiing. Over the course of her tenure in the field, she was named a member of the Water Ski Hall of Fame, took home 14 national title and 5 overall titles, and was ranked #1 in the world in slalom from 1985-1989. 


New York University

Certificate, Broadcasting

After retiring from her career as a professional waterskiing, Camille Duvall Hero decided to pursue a new career in broadcast journalism and entered into a certification program at New York University.






Luxury Real Estate


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