Carolyn Seale

Accomplished Automotive Engineering Manager

The recipient of a bachelor's degree in Industrial and Engineering Management from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, Carolyn Seale has served as an industrial engineering manager at Denso Manufacturing for more than 15 years. A resident of Cleveland, Tennessee, Carolyn Seale puts a special emphasis on increased efficiency in her work at Denso both in the human and machine elements of production and in reducing lead times.

In this work, Cleveland resident Carolyn Seale makes use of the kaizen philosophy of management, which stresses continuous improvement over the long term through a standardized work environment, strategic use of automation, and lean design elements in equipment engineering. This approach to industrial engineering has established her plant as one of the most respected and awarded automotive manufacturing facilities in Denso's operations throughout the world. Specifically, her plant has receive the “Excellent Factory” designation from Denso five times, highlighting the facility’s high marks in productivity, reduced lead times, and management of human resources.

Cleveland, TN, US


Jan 1, 2001 - Present


Denso Manufacturing 


Jan 1, 1996 - May 1, 2000


University of North Carolina Asheville

Industrial and Engineering Management

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