Yen-Chieh Wang

I have 5 years experience of customer service engineer in two different industries, aviation and industrial networking device vendor.

Main responsibilities in aviation are aircraft system troubleshooting, parts replacement, and doubts of manufacturer manual clarification.

The major responsibilities in industrial networking device vendor are network topology design, data gathering for product improvement, and product training material establishment for customer from world wide. 

- TOEIC 870
- Knowledge of computer process, digital logic circuit, electronics. 

Cell: +886 919590858
Taoyuan, TW


STARLUX Airlines, Senior Technician, Jul 2021 ~ Now


  • Troubleshoot Inflight entertainment system.
  • Perform cabin system modification.
  • Fleets reliability monitoring
  • Defects review and provide improvement solution.

Advantech, Application Engineer, Aug 2019 ~ Jul 2021


  • Provide technical assistance or troubleshoot for the issues that customer or local FAE found in APAC, Middle East, Europe, North and South America regions.
  • Educate customer or local FAE to familiar with the products.
  • Duplicate the faults and Figure out the root cause.
  • Build Modularized training material of brand new product to lead customer to learn the product easily



  • Modification and Installation aircraft water/waste system and galley/lavatory module.
  • Cabin zonal inspection and squawk correction.
  • Complete water/waste system and lavatory module installation of first two cargos in Boeing Converted Freight project.


National Formosa University(虎尾科技大學), Bachelor, Aeronautical engineering, 2008 ~ 2012


I'm Yen-Chieh Wang and having about 5 years experience of customer support.

At Evergreen Aviation Tech. Corp., I worked as a cabin engineer for 3 years and focus on perform heavy maintenance, operational test of door mechanism, and cabin modification, like water/waste system relocation. Meanwhile, I was the contact window of aircraft manufacturer and Japanese Airlines to clarify obscure manual or job card, or any deviation found.

At Advantech, I worked there for 2 years as a product engineer of router and LoRaWAN device. My main responsibilities were eliminating customer's queries, educating customer to familiar with products, and duplicating the found faults.

After the experience I've been through, I learnt how to manage my own work, how to communicate with customer efficiently and firmly, how to be a good team worker, and how to do things right. Management of my own work is the skill that I can handle multitasks and make sure everything is on its schedule. Confirming everything I've faced in a particular situation is the way how I communicate with customers efficiently. In my opinion, a good team worker should make sure that other parts of job connecting to yours should be done by a specific person and after your part is done, check if anyone needs help. I prefer to spend a little more time to think how to do things right, rather than just complete a job. You may take more time to re-do the job again and again.

With my experience, and skills, I would like to join semiconductor industry that you're looking for. Overall the abilities I have, I am the best candidate for this position. Finally, thank you for considering of my application. I am looking forward to being a part of you.

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