Cathy Earnest

Award-Winning Playwright

An award-winning playwright, Cathy Earnest has written multiple plays that have been performed before theater audiences, including "Another Bone," "Disappearing," and "Millions and Millions and Millions." Many of Cathy Earnest’s works have also been featured in readings at Chicago Dramatists. One of her plays to receive critical acclaim, “Another Bone” was a finalist at both The O’Neill and the Ashland New Plays Festival and was produced at Redtwist Theatre.

Ms. Earnest is currently writing “The Bicycle,” a play set in 1896 Chicago. In the play, she explores a time when the use of bicycles reached its climax, as well as how this impacted the lives of women. Additionally, it highlights the rampant corruption that gripped the city, and the violent ends many political candidates met.

Throughout her career, Ms. Earnest has successfully applied for numerous residencies. In 2016, she completed a residency with Brant Russell and Lisa Timmel as part of the CCM Playwrights’ Conference at the University of Cincinnati. She was also selected as one of only six playwrights to participate in the 2-year Senior Network Playwright program at Chicago Dramatists in 2012 and 2013.

Chicago, IL, US

Work Experience

Sep 1, 1973 - Jan 1, 1995


University of Illinois  

Sep 1, 1987 - Jun 1, 1993

Assistant Professor 

DePaul University 

Sep 1, 1973 - Jan 1, 1995

Assistant Professor



Sep 1, 1977 - Jun 1, 1979


University of Illinois


Sep 1, 1972 - Jan 1, 1973


University of Vienna

Sep 1, 1965 - Jun 1, 1969


Elmhurst College


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