Lin Ching Kai  

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National Chengchi University, MIS(Graduated)

Soochow University, BDM(Graduated)


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About me

Born in 1996, grew up in Hsinchu, with outgoing personality, good at communicating and expressing. When facing difficulties, I insist on solving problems through thinking logically and choosing correct methods. As a member of a team, I can keep the independent thinking ability and listen to other’s opinions at the same time. Making a decision to maximize the profit of the team, and takes group harmony as a prerequisite.


In 2015, I enrolled in the Bachelor Program of the School of Big Data Management of Soochow University. Learning Data science skills like data crawling, data preprocessing, data analysis, machine learning, deep learning, data visualization knowledge. Because I was interested in the fields of data and information science, after school, I tried to learn related skills through some online and offline resources, such as participating in off-campus Python courses and website crawlers on Youtube ... etc. Besides learning skills, I participated in some contests, such as in Kaggle data analysis competition, ACER Internet of Things (IoT) competition. To increase my practical experience, I looked for intern opportunities. I had served as a Python programming teacher, data processor in Soochow University Big Data Analysis Center which deal with enterprise outsourcing data cases, research assistant at Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, and an intern at GFK market research company in charge of data collection and analysis.

In 2019, I entered the department of MIS of Chengchi University(NCCU). The main research field was blockchain. The thesis was a technical paper with the development of asset tokenization platform. I was dedicate to find out the best business model to fit the asset tokenization platform on the blockchain with TTF (Token Taxonomy Framework) and implemented this Web App by node.js, express, web3.js... . Learning System (Software) development became my primary goal. I had already learned data science related skills in college, such as machine learning, deep learning, data analysis… etc. However, data science was only a part of information technology and those AI, ML tech always be applied on system and software so I decided to study the relatively unfamiliar field, system development. By the way, I also studied ML, DL and other related courses in the school. At the same time, I serve in a startup company, Helium Co, Ltd.(橘橘鏈科技), as an intern engineer for the automated testing (CI) of its blockchain system and APP. After being familiar with the project I also assisted in API development and took over as the project manager, taking charge of the entire project.

Skills: I have about six years of experience in programming. The first programming language I learned is Python, which is mainly used for data analysis, web crawling, Tensorflow, deep learning, and building django framework.Using R language implement data analysis and data visualization, C language to Arduino IoT application. I also used to develop the system by Javascript (Node.js), familiar with SQL, and used solidity to develop blockchain related smart contracts and so on.


In the past study period, I also served as an intern in some information-related industries and established the direction of my future career. Now, I am going to start my career, hoping to enter a company with well development and promising prospects in the future, and learn how large-scale teams work together, the real practical technology of the industry. I hope to find a position can put the things I learned in the past in a way of higher value and take the company to the next level.

Work experience

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Web crawler outsourcing case

I Used python, with BS4 (Beautiful Soup) and Selenium to crawl the target data on the web, and then preprocess the original data, such as removing duplicate and error data, and finally output csv to present the results. (2016/9)

Big Data Analysis and Research Center of Soochow University

I was Responsible for pre-processing of data and dealing with data problem. Using python, through pandas and other packages to organize the data, take the case in charge as an example: combined the data of traffic accidents A1, A2, and A3 over the years with the data of the aboriginal traffic accidents and try to remove unreasonable and error data.(2017/2~2017/6)

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Python Tutor

Teaching Python basic commands, data pre-processing, and how to use Machine Learning packages (such as KNN, Linear Regression... etc.).(2018/7~9)

Research Center for Information Technology Innovation

Serving as a research assistant, assisting researchers in literature review and data processing of experimental data, in the field of VR Business.(2018/7~8)

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GfK Marketing Research Consulting Co., Ltd.-Data Processing Intern

I was Responsible for the collection and sorting of offline retailer sales data for the company to start further sales analysis. In addition, I also used Python to develop automated crawler programs to automatically crawl the sales data of online stores (such as PChome, shopee, momo, etc.), so that the data set of sales analysis is more complete.(2018/9~2019/3)

Helium Co, Ltd.(橘橘鏈科技)-Intern engineer 

During studying in chengchi(NCCU), I entered the company under the recommendation of my professor. The main business was to operate a citizen power plant, and the blockchain was used as the base of the system. At first, I was responsible for maintaining the system's automated testing code (using GitLab). After getting familiar with the project, began to participate in backend API development, such as users’ registration review, new user registration process, users purchase… etc. We implemented these functions with Node.js, Web3.js, Blockchain's Solidity and database SQL. Finally, in September 2020, I began to take over the project manager position, responsible for communicating with the boss and arranging front-end and back-end work schedules, although the project scale is not large , but learned a lot of system development related knowledge in this job.(2020/1~2021~6)

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Data Visualization

R Language

Data Visualization

Monte Carlo method


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