Chien- Yu, Lin

Being a Marketer for over 3 years, trained by Psychological logic for over 7 years, I have empathy with everyone, in work and in life. Love languages and logopedics, Speak Chinese, Japanese, English and 3-year learning Italian. These are all my tools to communicate with people in the world.  

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・Paper on The  Japan Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics:


・Chinese- Native

・Japanese-Native (N1)

・English-Business (TOEIC 840)



Graduate,2011. 04  - 2014. 03

日本台湾交流協会 奨学金留学生

日本国立筑波大学大学院 人間総合科学研究科 

University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences 

Undergraduate,2006. 09 - 2016. 05

国立台湾大学 心理学系

National Taiwan University, Department of Psychology


Career 1,2014. 09 - Now

Marketing @ Taiwan Kanebo Cosmetics Corporation 

Responsible for marketing field of self-make up brand “media”, planning the commercial budget, organizing the brand sales promotion, and analyzing the results of the promotion activities.

Career 2,2010.09 - 2011. 02

Secretary @ Yaskawa Elecric Taiwan Corporation

Setting the meeting of the president, translate the meeting contents, and other general affairs.

Career 3,2010 .01 - Now

Translator @ Japan Taiwan Exchange Association

Reception of the guests from Japan, and be a translator. 


3 years experiences in brand marketing communications, and PR in Taiwan KANEBO: 

・Did responsible from copywriter, commercial film, digital marketing and word of mouth. 

・Carried out lots of pre-market investigation, contributed to the correct direction of marketing plan. 

・Accomplished a 130% rise in sales every week, “media”  become a successful continuous developing brand. 

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Step 1

After implemented a large amount of questionnaire and many target audience aimed investigation. “media” was renewed as a “ 25~35 years old girls using” brand.

Step 2

From analysis tables, we reset the brand essence as a “intelligence, elegance”. All the full- spread ads, TV and paper commercials had actually lifted up the overall sales achievements. Many media named “media” as “Estee Lauder in self-make up brand “.

Step 3

Planned over million budgets for every season. Included full-spread ads, infomercial commercials, real events, celebrity marketing and word of mouth.

Step 4

Communicated with Japanese head office at any time, discussing the brand marketing plan. We also considered to changing some details to fit the local market.

Step 5

Established the brand Facebook page, planned and analyzed the digital commercial exposure, and answering the questions from fans timely.


Brand commercial, represents the brand essence “intelligence and elegance".

Facebook post for short movie. 4 different lip colors for 4 different styles. Also can see the KPI of this post: many comments and sharing are all automatically from fans.

Always because the cosmetics have to try by the users themselves, real events are also frequently carried out. After the events, we transferred the brand spirits over by digital communities, so that many people who could not participate also could sense the atmosphere. 

Why ME

     After graduation from National Taiwan University, I went abroad to study human comprehensive psychology in Japan. Tsukuba's whole new life was never an easy start, yet the circumstance had made me become an ideal youth with logical consideration, and interest for so many social issues. 

 Working experience also made me special. Being a brand marketer made me well acquainted with the female fashion market. I have full experienced in brand marketing, such as marketing schedule planning, media- buying, and especially in digital marketing. And also, Responsible for Taiwan and Hong Kong sales field, I acquired an international way of thinking, made me eager to have career in foreign- owned enterprise. And also, learning Italian for 3 years, I have enthusiasm for the culture of Europe, especially Italy.    

 To conclude, I am a person with intellect and sensitivity. Intellect is that I can analyze many kinds of data, to optimize the brand marketing. Sensitivity is that I always hope that my job is so unique that can change the world and bring so many beauty to the world. From the bottom of my heart, I hope what I did can spread to anywhere in the world, and bring cheerful life to everyone. 

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