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Chun-Feng Neil Chen (陳峻楓)

Hi, my name is Chun-Feng Chen, the english called Neil, and graduated M.S degree from National Chiao-Tung University with a major in "Electronics Engineering" at Mar. 2018. After finished the substitute military service at Apr. 2019, I have close to two-years working experiences for Hardware Engineer, and mainly responsible relevant AI products for ODM/ OEM. 

 I’m applying for the vacancy of the "Hardware Engineer" or the others almost positions which company ad on the employment website. On the other hand, I believe that my strong academic background and previous in-jobs experience & accumulate hardware knowledges to let me entry candidate lists. At the same time, I will keep learning more design & layout knowledge with new technology informs (e.g. 5G, new component coming, AI application... etc.), to enhance hardware judgement and debug analysis abilities. 

Current Status: Hardware Engineer, AAEON Technology Corp.

Live: New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C)

TEL: (+886) 909-354313, SKYPE: a450598, LINE: bigfeng8204

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

未來展望/ Future Prospects

For past working experiences, I would like to make a change now because can go no further enhance ability in my present job. Therefore, I’m looking for a good opportunity in which can make the contribution alongside with healthy life to the welfare of the company. Hope develop myself to keep pace with the change of the era in my profession. 

If interviewer/ HR would like to know more about my ability, I can be available for an interview at any time convenience.

工作經歷/ Jobs Experience

AAEON Technology Inc. (研揚科技), Hardware Engineer, Jul. 2019 ~ Now

  1. Development of new project, and confirm product spec. request correct or not with customer. 
  2. Drawing schematic design, block diagram, and power diagram… etc. for micro-electronics circuits application. 
  3. Discuss thermal & chassis dissipation design with ME team. 
  4. Layout placement review confirm, and power/ high-speed signal adjustment. 
  5. BOM create/ maintain, and survey new components. 
  6. EE samples functional verification, and debug analysis. 
  7. Compatibility verifications: 
    1. Memory test, burning testing, and scan EMI/ ESD for Class-A. 
    2. All the I/O functional verification (Windows, or Linux for customer request). 
  8. Reliability verifications: 
    1. Chamber Test of variety temperature environments for product spec. 
    2. ON-OFF test combines with chamber then divided three condition verify: Normal (25C) & High/ Low temperature. 
  9. Signal measure reports: 
    1. Power sequence (include on, off, and loss types). 
    2. Power analysis (transient, ripple, OCP… etc. are meet the CPU PDG documents criteria).

Responsibility product as below list:
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence):
    • INTEL Movidius KEEM-BAY HDDL Riser Card (3x KMB SoC) go with "one debug card".
    • INTEL Movidius KEEM-BAY M.2 2280 KEY-B+M (1x KMB SoC) go with "one debug card". 
    • INTEL Movidius KEEM-BAY M.2 2280 KEY-M (1x KMB SoC).
    • INTEL Movidius KEEM-BAY DDR4 SO-DIMM (1x KMB SoC). 
    • INTEL Movidius THUNDER-BAY Riser Card * 3 (1x TBH SoC) - CRB Version.
    • Carrier Board (Type-10 Row A/B).
    • Carried Board *2 (SPECIFIC/ Full) go with "INTEL Movidius KEEM-BAY DDR4 SO-DIMM Cards".
    • FPC Cable connector Board go with "two maintain products".


St. Francis Long-Term Care Center (天主教聖方濟長照中心), Substitute Military Service, May 2018 ~ Apr. 2019

Take care all the elder. (e.g. accompany hospital when elder condition not good, diet feeding, and assist activity execute)


ASUS Technology Inc., System Integrated and Testing Engineer, Dec. 2016 ~ Apr. 2018

Mainly testing ASUS workstation product and assisting Ge-i International Corp. quality. 

  1. Install O.S (include Win10, Linux, & CentOS) go with lots of GPU graphic cards to satisfy customer product spec. 
  2. Reply customer reaction question and assist find the solution. 
  3. Present the deep-learning setting and test samples running performance, then sort out RS outgoing reports. context include cuDNN, Tensorflow, TensorRT, Keras, Theano, pyTorch, Caffe, Caffe2, DIGITs, general program compiler (SystemC, python env.). 


學歷/ Education

國立交通大學 (National Chiao Tung University, M.S) - Hsinchu City, Taiwan (R.O.C)20159 - 20183

  1. Graduated from 電子工程所 (Institute of Electronics Engineering, IEE)
  2. GPA: 2.95 (Avg. Score: 75.33), Oral Defense GPA: 3.76 (Avg. Score: 85.0)
  3. Served "Website Management" from Sep. 2016 to Sep. [email protected] Parallel Computing System Lab. Mainly responsible for server manage, RAID-5 hard disks (HD) setup, property management, and administrative processing. These experiences brought me into contact with professional societies and helped me improved my professional/ social skills when communicating with expertise people, and most important taught me how to work with people efficiently.
  4. Master thesis title: "Towards Algorithmic Multi-ported Memory: Techniques and Design Trade-offs" - Advisor: Bo-Cheng Charles Lai, Oral Professors: Tian-Sheuan ChangHsie-Chia Chang 
  • The abstract for Thesis: Multi-ported memory is one of the important functional modules in modern digital systems. Algorithmic Multi-Ported Memory has demonstrated advantages in terms of short access latency, low area cost, and low power consumption. By cooperating multiple low complexity SRAMs with logical operations, concurrent accesses can be enabled by deploying multiple storage modules and redundant information. (Online Presentation Link)

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國立勤益科技大學 (National Chin-Yi University of Technology, B.S) - Taichung City, Taiwan (R.O.C)20119 - 20156

  1. Graduated from 電子工程系 (Department of Electronics Engineering, DEE)
  2. GPA: 3.72 (Avg. Score: 84.35)
  3. Special project title: "Game and Image Processing on GPL32500 Embedded Systems"  (Advisor: Chung-Ho Tsai)
  • The abstract for Special Project: Design "Shoot Game" image and video processing cores, then uses the bluetooth module manipulators to connection embedded gaming system chip, and deployed them on SUNPLUS (凌陽科技) GPL32500A SoC board.

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志工經歷/ Volunteer Experience

市立東平國小(Dong Ping Elementary School)@ 台中市 (Taichung City)20119 - 2012 2

Participation the six months of volunteering experience, I met friends, teachers and elementary students. The main content is homework assignments, care, play etc. No matter what happens, homework problems must be resolved immediately, and the teacher were notified to discuss the situation while our cannot handle condition. During the service, I saw many different growth environments for elementary school students. According to different students tempers and habits, they took medicine to treat the symptoms, so that each student could calm down and write the daily school homework done, and happily waiting for the parents to pick up.

技能/ Skills

程式設計/ Programming

(1) ADVANCED: Verilog, SystemVerilog (1.5 years), 

                              C, C++ (4 years), Linux (2.5 years) 

(2) INTERMEDIATE: MATLAB (1 year), SPICE (1 year), 

                                       VHDL (0.5 year), JAVA (0.5 year)

語言/ Languages

  • Chinese (Native Speaker) 
  • English (TOEIC 550, Restart prepare again) 
  • Haka (Family Language)

技能/ Skills - Continues

證照/ Licenses

  • 數位電子乙級 (Digital Electronics, 2011
  • 儀表電子乙級 (Instrument Electronics, 2013) 
  • 視聽電子丙級 (Consumer Electronics, 2010) 
  • 電腦軟體應用丙級 (Computer Software Application, 2009) 
  • 工業電子丙級 (Industrial Electronics, 2009) 
  • 中文看打輸入 80-120 - 嘸蝦米 (Chinese Key Input - Boshiamy) 
  • 英文看打輸入 30-50 (English Key Input - Advanced)

工具/ Tools

  • Document Processing (Microsoft Office, LaTex)
  • Photo Processing (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Familiar O.S (Wins, Ubuntu, MacOS)
  • Hardware Simulation (Design Compiler, FPGAs, CACTI) - for NCTU M.S degree phase
  • Hardware Design Tools (OrCAD, Allergo)

出版作品/ Authored Publications

Readings 00 00@2x ce5676dabcce042724a6fc4c3413d6a86ad9c78eecb848896433e32c60b7006b

103 年電子學考題精析與菁華



作者:劉明彰 (劉曙滔)、陳峻楓

Readings 00 01@2x 77cc06c91fae4dd43a069fa4b813524cd022d4a79115524d3f0d6b9220dfd71d

103 - 104 年計算機組織與結構歷屆考題精解


出版年月:201512 月 

 作者:高銘 (藍天明)、陳峻楓

Readings 00 00@2x ce5676dabcce042724a6fc4c3413d6a86ad9c78eecb848896433e32c60b7006b

國營事業 2016 試題大補帖經濟部新進職員【資訊類】(100-104年試題)


出版年月:20164 月 


Readings 00 01@2x 77cc06c91fae4dd43a069fa4b813524cd022d4a79115524d3f0d6b9220dfd71d

關務特考 2017 試題大補帖 【電機工程類】(103-105 年試題)


出版年月:20167 月 


Readings 00 00@2x ce5676dabcce042724a6fc4c3413d6a86ad9c78eecb848896433e32c60b7006b

鐵路特考 2017 試題大補帖【電子工程類】(103-105 年試題)


出版年月:20164 月 


Readings 00 01@2x 77cc06c91fae4dd43a069fa4b813524cd022d4a79115524d3f0d6b9220dfd71d

關務特考 2018 試題大補帖【電機工程類】(106 年試題)


出版年月:2017 7 月 


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地圖/ Map

AAEON Technology Inc.

     AAEON Technology Inc. was first founded in 1992 in Taiwan and has expanded globally since, establishing offices in United States, China, Singapore, Germany, France and the Netherlands. AAEON manufactures and markets a wide range of OEM/ODM industrial PCs worldwide. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, AAEON has obtained many certifications throughout the years.

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