Charles Hsu


9 years experience in SRE/DevOps, 4 years experience in Python and DevOps and 1.5 year experience in Go Language.

  Taipei, Taiwan



2021-01 - present

SRE  Smartclouds

- Implement Ansible
- Implement Terraform
- Define Platform Infrastructure
- Build Infrastructure on GCP ( Using GKE, HTTP Load Balancing, Compute Instance Group, Pub/Sub, GCS, GCR, Cloud SQL, Memory Cache(Redis) )
- Cloudflare as CDN, DDoS. WAF
- Gitlab as version control
- Jenkins as CI/CD service
- Consul as application environment config
- EFK as log system
- Implement AWS Workspace ( For Production Security )
- Build Pre-Production Environment on AWS
- Implement Jira Cloud
- Reference diagram on GCP:
- Reference diagram on AWS:

2019-12 - 2020-12

Lead DevOps Engineer  Nexiosoft

- Infrastructure
- Improve Ansible (For better Infrastructure as code)
- Implement Terraform
- Refine platform structure

- Upgrade Gitlab version (Write Custom Python Tools from 8.x > 13.x)
- Implement Jenkins declarative pipeline
- Implement monolithic repository concept

- Kubernetes
- Implement Kubernetes on bare metal
- Migrate application to Kubernetes
- Improve CD flow for Kubernetes
- Refine monitor system for Kubernetes and other service
- Implement log system for Kubernetes
- Implement Kustomize and HELM
- Guide Backend how to write application suitable for Kubernetes

- Design and implement an system for multi-tenant
- Write RESTful API for Backend (Base on Golang Gin, MongoDB, ETCd, Consul)
- Implement CoreDNS and ETCd (For Internal DNS, Backend application)
- Implement Consul cluster and consul-template (For configuration, Monitor, CI/CD)
- Reference diagram :

- Automation
- Slackbot for automation (Base on Golang, retired)

2019-06 - 2019-11

SRE  HandsUP

- Help 17media Disaster Recovery Project (Mongo Cluster, Backend Application)
- Improve Mongo Cluster Structure (For 17media, Ongoing)
- Improve Elasticsearch Cluster Structure (For 17media User search and HandsUP Log , Ongoing)
- Implement Kustomize(For improve CD flow, Ongoing)
- Improve Ansible Structure
- Migrate Gitlab runner to Github and CircleCI, Improve HandsUP CI/CD performance

2018-09 - 2019-04

Technical Assistant Manager  Astrocorp

- Implement Configuration Management Tools (Ansible)
- Implement CI/CD Flow (Ansible + Gitlab + Jenkins)
- Improve Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kafka data flow
- Implement Prometheus and Grafana for monitor
- Implement Cloud Service Concept
- Guide team member for better technology

2017-12 - 2018-06

DevOps  CommonWealth

- Implement Ansible
- Implement Jenkins
- Increase system structure for better performance
- Implement Docker for local develop environment
- Write automation tools for local develop environment, ansible, GCP
- Increase Zabbix monitor System
- Implement Prometheus for monitor
- Implement Log System ( Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Filebeat )
- Planing Data Flow for CommonWealth group (Ongoing case)
- Kubernetes for future deploy method (Ongoing case)
- Mentor of system admin team and develop team (Ongoing case)
- Implement Bitrix24 for our Project management (Ongoing case)
- Lead IT Team Migrate service from HiCloud to GCP (Ongoing case)

2017-02 - 2017-11


- Implement Ansible for deploy service package, configuration and operation
- Implement Gitlab and Jenkins for CI/CD
- Build our service on GCP, with Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, App Engine, HTTP(S) load balancing, Data Flow (Stackdriver Logging And BigQuery), Cloud SQL
- Automation tool develop, base on Python and Go, for Ansible, Gitlab, Jenkins configuration, operation, deploy
- Web Test, base on Python selenium, for E2E test our Web Site
- Zabbix, for monitor service status, performance, and alert
- Convert PHP RESTful API to Go, ongoing case, for better performance, micro service, and improve CI/CD flow

2013-05 - 2016-07
2013-05 2016-07

Sr. Linux Administrator  Garena

- Migration and improving Garena Taiwan core service, for better performance, operation, monitor
- AWS management, for game service deploy
- Implement Saltstack, for configuration management, deploy, operation
- Implement Logstash, Redis, Elasticsearch, Kibana (ELK) for programmer debug and analyze log
- Implement Gitlab and Jenkins for CI/CD
- Build Icinga, Zabbix, for monitor service status , alert, performance tuning
- Write Automation tool to management Saltstack, network security test, API for system management, base on Python Flask


Shih Chien University

Department of Information Technology and Management

2004 - 2008


   Python      Golang      Linux      MySQL      Redis      Amazon Web Services (AWS)      Google Cloud Platform (GCP)      SaltStack      Ansible      Terraform      Jenkins      Git      Elasticsearch      Mongo      Kafka      Docker      Kubernetes      Consul      ETCd