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我是楊臻,台北人,於民國107年畢業於台北市立大學歷史與地理學系。且預定在今年底取得英國格拉斯哥大學(University of Glasgow)亞當斯密商學院的企業發展管理碩士的學位(Management with Enterprise and Business Growth)。在求學過程一直都保持著堅持的態度,也因為這樣的態度而總是能對於所學之知識與技術保持的熱忱,也期許自己能在職場上不改這樣的初衷。

我的學士學位屬於人文藝術學院,雖然與商科同屬人文科學,但我的主修偏重於學科研究類。會開始接觸到管理是在大學四年級在上市公司雄獅集團的實習工作。因為偶然略懂繪圖軟體的操作而被分配到媒體操作需求量大的人資部,在實習的過程中開始萌生對這領域的興趣,而選擇繼續鑽研管理層面的知識。我在2019年成功地進入了格拉斯哥大學的亞當斯密商學院就讀,在這短暫不到一年的留學中不但充實了我的能力也廣結了來自不同國家地區的友人、交流了各自的文化。我的研究專業為創業規劃與企業成長(enterprise and business growth),碩士論文研究主題即為探討美國媒體業的合併與併購(M&A)。

除了鑽研專業知識,我也利用課餘時間豐富其他技能,包括語言與軟體操作。語言方面我著重在國際語言英文與日文上。英文部分我取得雅思7分、多益840分;日文部分我從大學畢業開始自學,預定在今年取得日文檢定3級。而在軟體操作上,除了基本的office軟體如Word、Power Point、Excel之外;我也因個人興趣孰悉繪圖軟體Illustrator、Photoshop以及Sai的操作。


My name is Jenny Yang. I graduated from University of Taipei in 2018 and plan to receive my Master degree in Adam Smith Business school in University of Glasgow by the end of 2020. Throughout my study life, I pursue the dogma of never give up and excelsior, which results in continuous passion in my research field. I expect myself to maintain this mindset when entering the workplace and never forget this original intention. I graduated with Bachelor of Art in the undergraduate. Although the previous degree is categorised in social science (same as business and management), there is a lack of practical aspect, and our department is more academy-oriented. The first time I started to get to know more about business and management was during the internship programme in Lion Group during the senior year. I was assigned in the HR department because they required someone who are familiar with image editing and illustration software at the time. During the internship, I fortunately had a glance of how the major listed company was organised, managed, and operated. That is when I started to be interested in this area and would like to learn more about management. I successfully entered Adam Smith Business School in University of Glasgow in 2019 in Scotland, United Kingdom. During the one-year-period, I was taught both general management and advanced level of knowledge of my major. My research area is Enterprise and Business Growth, which is about how businesses gain competitive advantages and expand its scale and scope in the market as well as business planning for start-ups. In addition, the dissertation I am currently writing is about mergers and acquisition (M&A) in the US media industry. I am passionate about how companies deal to survive and even thrive through the process of building its sustainable competitive advantages and leveraging its assets. Aside from research works, I also spent time on developing other abilities, including language skills and software operation. In terms of language, my IELTS was band 7 and I got 840 of my TOEIC. My second foreign language, Japanese, is learned out of interest since graduating from university. Yet I plan to pass the JLPT N3 level by this year. For software operation, in addition to the general office software such as Word, Excel and Power Point, I also familiar with image editing software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sai. After finishing my last semester in the beginning of this year, I returned to Taiwan and planned to receive my master degree by this year. Facing the intensified globalisation and commercial corporation, I realised there is still much room for me to improve. I sincerely expect myself to apply what I learned and dedicate to your company and learn more from this job. 

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雄獅集團, 人資實習生, Jan 2018 ~ Jul 2018



University of Glasgow, 工商管理碩士(MBA), Management with Enterprise and Business Growth, 2019 ~ 2020


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