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A software developer aiming to make every innovative and creative idea come true. Always keen to learn new things, adapt well to cutting-edge technologies and challenges. Look forward to combining practical software skills with hardware background to deliver the best mobile application. Desire to contribute human beings and make life more convenient in the coming days.


• Develop in Java with Android Studio 

• Use OkHttp for HTTP requests

• Use Service for long-running operations in background

• Use Internal / External Storage for data storage 

• Use Broadcast Receiver to receive messages 

• Use Notification to deliver messages 

• Familiar with Activity and Fragment Lifecycle

• Familiar with UI Design in both Design and Text mode,

especially ConstraintLayout 

 • Understand the concept of Interface, Abstract Class, Callback and how to use them 

• Use Content Provider to manager access to data between Apps 

• Experienced in MVP design pattern for making App more extensible and maintainable


AppWorks School /, Trainee, Feb 2019 ~ Jun 2019

With selected elite members each batch, Android Class implemented project-based training guiding trainees to develop Android Apps, solve problems on their own, discuss Android development topics and become an independent software engineer.

・Android Development training for 70 - 80 hours per week
・Developed programming ability and independent problem-solving capability.
・Built two projects with excellent user experience and comprehensive functionalities
・Collaborative project development with iOS, web Front-End and Backend trainees on Stylish functionalities extension
・Topic discussions of Android development knowledge

Micro-Star International MSI, Hardware Engineer /Electrical Engineer, Apr 2015 ~ Feb 2019

・Intel 6th to 8th platform (SkyLake-S to CoffeeLake-S) Mother Board Hardware Design
・Product Schematic development and design deployment
・Exclusive components study and validation to symbolizes the performance and power
・Issues and root cause analysis, so solution and workaround provider.


Chang Gung University,(BS), Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, 2009 ~ 2013

• Courses Taken: Computer Programming, Computer Architecture, Object-Oriented Programming, Signals and Systems, Logic Design 

• Academic Project: Real Time Voting App, submit your votes via Android mobile phone Bluetooth 

Project - GoGoBasketball 

Google Play: https://reurl.cc/Kv0xR 
GitHub: https://github.com/whogashaga/GoGo-Basketball 

GoGoBasketball is an app that aims to get those people together, those who love basketball but could not find someone to play with. It’s a real-time, interactive application that is intuitive and easy to use. It also provides a precise ranking system for those who are highly competitive. 

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