Chengsheng Chang

  New Taipei City, Taiwan

Hi~ My name is  Chengsheng Chang. I'm now attending in the Department of  information management of  Fu Jen University. 

I am lively and outgoing,  hard-working and positive.In the University, the courses in the AI  program cement  the foundation for me to visualize the data and put the data in various machine  learning algorithms for prediction and classification, so that I can get fabulous results  in my student projects. After the publication of the project. I also hope to further  improve my concepts about quantitative trading and deep learning framework. With  great success in my student project. I was invited by the professor to participate in  the publication of the paper.  


Intern  •  伊雲谷數位科技股份有限公司 (Ecloudvalley)

一月 2022 - Present

• AWS IoT Service with AI Camera Cloud Solution ( PCB defect  detection ).
• Building Cloud learning platform with AWS services.
• Leader of group and provide advice to each others.

Intern of R&D department  •  群暉科技 Synology Inc.

六月 2021 - 一月 2022

• Collecting data from our product and use Python to sort out the data and make visualization.
• Setting up computer environment in RD lab,connecting to our NAS ( Network Attach Storage) system.
• Assisted in debugging error in program.


●就學期間 :
AI 微學程 , 裡面的課程奠定我把資料視覺化、把資料放在各種機器學習演算法去做預測分類的基礎,讓我在日後專題發揮上得到非常不錯的成效。在大學專題也擔任組長,也練就了我溝通技巧、事情排程的軟實力。
●實習經驗 :
在大四實習之後,也接觸到像是雲端服務 ( AWS , Azure )、雲端與地端整合、IoT 、NAS ,喜歡解決事情的我加上在大學訓練出來的溝通能力,也在實習計畫中被選為組長,在組內的整合也學到很多管理的技巧,像是用 DISC 去分析每個人的人格,對每一次的專題去做排程,都是實習學到的寶貴經驗。
●獲獎 : 專題、論文 :
大學專題研究題目:以台灣財經新聞文本對於股價趨勢之預測(針對 個股 台積電、鴻海、台泥)
發表於 2021臺灣網路研討會暨全國計算機會議 TANET&NCS 得到最佳論文獎

細節可以參考我的作品集 謝謝~


Fu Jen Catholic University

Information management

2018 - 2022

New Taipei Municipal Guang Fu senior high school

The model student of New Taipei City

2015 - 2018


  • Prediction
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • Java
  • CSS
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning


  • English — 專業
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