蔡承融 Tsai, Cheng-Lung

Master of Laws, National Taiwan University

Licensed Taiwan Lawyer

Lawyer of Tsar & Tsai Law Firm

I'm currently looking for opportunities to join the technology innovation industry. I have a positive and cooperative personality and I'm good at both Chinese and English communication. I'm enthusiastic about interdisciplinary learning and looking forward to my future career.

Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected]



Legal Service

With the extensive experience of working in large law firm and dealing with international corporate and diverse compliance-related affairs, I'm excellent at legal drafting and legal consulting in both English and Chinese regarding regulatory issues with respect to Taiwan law.

Interdisciplinary Learning

I have majored Electrical Engineering during the first two years of my university period, and changed my major to law later. Nonetheless, I've been following development and news of digital technology industry ever since, and eager to keep learning from different fields.


With the English proficiency of TOEFL iBT score 107, and reinforced by the writing process of Master Thesis and the experience of communicating with international clients in large law firm, my capability of translation between English and Chinese is professionally competent.


Substitute Military Serviceman

Wenshan Second Precinct, Taipei City Police Department | 2019. 11 - 2020. 8

  • Provide basic legal consulting service to police officers
  • Assist police officers with patrolling, street-checks and maintaining traffic order
  • Construct and deconstruct protective obstacles against protestors
  • Assist the Police Department to distribute and assign official documents
  • Maintain, organize and file official documents


Tsar & Tsai Law Firm | 2020. 10 - Now

  • Draft legal briefs and legal opinions for clients both in English and Chinese
  • Conduct legal due diligence investigation, review relevant documents and draft legal due diligence report
  • Provide general legal consulting service to corporate clients
  • Evaluate legal risks, conduct relevant research and craft strategy for dispute resolution
  • Review and draft contracts both in English and Chinese
  • Translate legal documents from English to Chinese and vice versa
  • Draft business correspondence between law firm and clients both in English and Chinese
  • The above job description involves various legal issues including: renewable energy industry (offshore wind and solar), telecommunication industry, labor dispute, government procurement, government relation, general corporate affairs, countering money laundering and terrorism financing, law compliance of E-commerce and emerging FinTech, etc.

Education & Training

Passing the Taiwan Bar Examination



College of Law, National Taiwan University

2015 - 2019 | Master's Degree


College of Law, National Taiwan University

2011 - 2015 | Bachelor's Degree


Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University

2009 - 2011 | Undergraduate


Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Senior High School

2006 - 2009 | Graduate




Native speaker


TOEFL iBT 107/120

Proficiency in English reading, writing and speaking


About me

I was born in Kaohsiung and spent my university period in Taipei. I have a Bachelor and Master Degree of Laws from the National Taiwan University. The title of my Master Thesis is "The Role of the Internet Architecture in Crime Control: Focusing on TCP/IP Protocol Suite", in which I tried to combine different fields of technology and law into my research. I'm good at and interested in cooperating with people from different international backgrounds. With respect to language skill, I'm a Chinese native speaker and have advanced capability in English reading, writing and speaking.

Lifelong Learning

I love reading in my leisure, and I just finished The Internet of Money by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, a bitcoin advocate and entrepreneur. I'm deeply interested in how emerging technology (e.g. blockchain) transforms human society, and believe that lifelong learning is the only way to keep myself competitive and adaptable. Other than reading and jogging, I also enjoy browsing English social media (Reddit, YouTube, etc.) and chatting with people from all over the world, which help me appreciate and respect different cultures and perspectives.

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