chetan chandrashekar

Learning Driven Professional with Six Years Experience in developing customer facing features in monolithic applications as well as micro-services.

  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India   

Work Experience

Technical Lead  •  Bigbasket com

Design, Development and Deployment of a product listing micro-service

April 2020 - Present

Senior Software Engineer  •  Bigbasket com

Experience in Design/Development/Deployment of Scalable and reliable micro-services on Kubernetes

Have a Good Understanding of Python/Django, Aerospike, AWS, MySQL

Good in Performance Optimisations, Algorithms/problem solving

Have a basic understanding of Angular JS, Service Workers, React

Good understanding of Openresty Web Application Framework.Have built a highly scalable API
Gateway kind of micro-service which handles Cookie Parsing/Decoding, routing, csrf attack mitigation, Authorization etc. This is the most scalable micro-service currently deployed in Bigbasket.

Design and Development of Self-Service module for Bigbasket app to handle order cancellation, Slot change, Return/Exchange etc . Handled Data modelling, REST API, Elastic Search based FAQ Search API, Tight Integration with our CRM tool enabling Customer Service Representatives to know the context of user actions on the app thus reducing the time taken to resolve customer issues and resulting in significant cost reductions.

Design/Development of Order Assistant, Theming, Sitemap Automation for Bigbasket Website.

September 2017 - March 2020

Software Engineer  •  ShoreTel

Develop Tools/Framework for Automation and load testing.

July 2014 - September 2017


2010 - 2014


Bachelor's Degree Computer Science

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