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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Division | Project Management, 

major in ASP.NET,SSIS,JAVAScript,HTML,SQL...etc 


 IT Application Engineer 


[email protected]


  • Native speaker of Mandarin
  • Fluent Speaker of the English Language(TOEIC 755) and Intermediate-level Speaker of the Japanese Language (JLPT N2 Certified)
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate 
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
  • Proficient in Using MS Office Applications such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, among others
  • SQL Server Integration Services, HTML ,CSS ,JavaScript ,JAVA


Chunghwa Telecom – International Office-中華電信 - 國際電信分公司

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Division | Project Management/Presale Engineer/AWS Technical Trainer, Sep 2019 ~ Now

  1. Handled a project with Thailand’s Office of Trade Competition Commission for monitoring unfair trade practices (Project Management)
  2. Reported about how AWS can utilize its cloud compute technology in the financial industry (insurance) in Taiwan (Project Management)
  3. 2+ years’ experience selling cloud services to large/global enterprise and corporate customers with experience in immersive and inclusive learning experiences (Project Management)
  4. 2+ years of experience in successfully working with customers in pre-sales or consulting engagements related to CRM solutions or similar business applications.(Presale Engineer)
  5. Selling software-as-a-service cloud-based business applications to enterprise customers. (Presale Engineer)
  6. Driving and leading a solution strategy, as part of the overall opportunity lifecycle, that enables customers to successfully achieve business outcomes.(Presale Engineer)
  7. Problem Solver. Ability to solve customer problems through cloud technologies, specifically solutions related to cloud native apps - containers & serverless, microservices, migration to cloud, Hybrid cloud, datacentre infrastructure modernization(Presale Engineer)
  8. Orchestrate and influence virtual teams to pursue sales opportunities and lead virtual teams through influence (Presale Engineer)
  9. Responsible for AWS internal education and training and customer basic education and training (AWS Technical Trainer)
  10. Implement customer AWS environment construction and related permission planning (AWS Technical Trainer)
  11. Participate in the product packaging and business promotion of AWS solutions (AWS Technical Trainer)
  12. Estimate the cost of using AWS(AWS Technical Trainer)
  13. Assist customers to troubleshoot AWS usage issues (AWS Technical Trainer)
  14. Responsible for Training video recording, Voice Recoding, Editing Video, Live Streaming and content of the Video. (AWS Technical Trainer)

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Taiwan Co., Ltd., ERP Engineer, Aug 2015 ~ 2019

An ERP Engineer with 3 years of experience in implementing and developing ERP applications. Having work in various IT roles and responsibilities as below:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Japanese Translator 
  3. Online IT Consulting Provider
  4. Develop and deploy applications that support and change fundamental assumptions of how IT works.
  5. Design, build, and support applications and system integrations using a various technologies and platforms such as Java, SQL, ASP,.Net etc
  6. Work closely with analysts to translate business requirements into technical solutions.
  7. Build internal solutions, with custom front-ends (web, mobile) and back-end services that automate business processes. Maintain highest levels of development practices including technical design, solution development, systems configuration, test documentation/execution, issue identification and resolution, writing clean, modular and self-sustaining code.


  •  July.2012-July.2015 Tung-Hai University,Taichung,Taiwan            Major: M.S. in Computer Science 
  •  Sep.2008-June.2012 Ming Chuan University,Taoyuan,Taiwan     Major:B.S. in Computer Science


Tung-Hai University Sep. 2012 - Jun.2015
Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant 
  • Assisted, facilitated and managed in-class discussions, class submissions, attendance and deadlines

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