Chiao-Ting Tsai

 New grad seeking an entry-level job

  California, USA

I am a recent graduate from Cal State East Bay with an M.S. in Statistics with a data science concentrate. I have a solid background and practical knowledge in data analysis, statistical modeling, statistical analysis, data visualization, and machine learning. Seeking an entry position in the data scientist field to leverage skills and gain more practical work experience. Willing and able to work remotely.
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Data Scientist

Oct. 2020 - Present

Job Functions :

  • Data collection: Scraping 35 target herbs data based on research articles from the National library of medicine.
  • Data analysis: Apply natural language processing to detect herbs’ effectiveness in stress, sleep, and anxiety.
  • Data visualization: Use Tableau to build maps to see relations between wildfire and other factors include zip code, vegetation, climate, etc. Check out my work!!/


  • RStudio 
  • SQL
    • PostgreSQL
  • Python
    • Jupyter Lab
  • Tableau
    • Tableau Public 
  • MS Office
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint


  • Master SQL for Data Science

    Issuing authority LinkedIn
    Issued date Sep 2020

  • Tableau Essential Training
    Issuing authority LinkedIn
    Issued date Sep 2020

  • Master Python for Data Science

    Issuing authority LinkedIn
    Issued date Aug 2020


  • Chinese
    • Native
  • English
    • Professional

Project & Related Works

Demand prediction - Python

Forecast use of a city bike-share system, using machine learning algorithms to predict the number of hourly bike share rentals.

See code here.

Loan_Prediction - R-Studio

Use machine learning algorithms to the Lending Club data from 2012-2014. 
The highest accuracy is 0.83.
 (KNN model)

See code here.

Data Cleaning - R-Studio

The dataset includes missing value, complex formats need fixing up and standardizing categories. Clean and prepare well for later analysis. 

See code here.


California State University East Bay

2018 – 2020

Providence University

2011 – 2015

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