Kayne Luo         

羅健瑋 Chien Wei Luo

Be Water.

[email protected]
0910-117-253  @Taiwan.

Bachelor of Engineering, CSIE, 2017.

Tunghai University, Taiwan.

Work Experience

Binance kayne binance logo
FrontEnd Engineer Mar 2020 - present

Optimize dev experience and business need in FE Infrastructure Team.
  • Leader of the company frontend ui-framework.
  • Leader of the design system migration group, manage the process and delivery.
  • Participate an interface-builder and be in charge of the UI/UX implement of low code Editor.
  • Participate Admin front-end framework to improve cross-departmental configurable dashboard development.
  • Implement a webpack-loader for DSL schema compiling.
  • Configure the Lint Check (major for Typescript) before commit and PR notification for enhance quality and reduce redundancy effort for code reviews.
  • Image uploader server for crypto and hash users' assets to s3 bucket. Image reader server to download and cache or process image to user. (Node.js)

Unnotech kayne unnotech logo
FrontEnd Engineer Oct 2017 - Mar 2020

Construct and maintain major front-end product(PC / MOBILE).

  • Update Webpack 3 to 4 ; Migrate npm to yarn.
  • Migrate vue-cli2 to vue-cli3.
  • Lead into and update code splitting strategy, Optimize FCP from 3.6s to 1.1s.
  • Configure nginx static_gzip & webpack gzip decrease 10% duration per request.
  • Apply FSM pattern to refactor and decoupe old logic of authority, and no related issue in production.
  • Apply skeleton pattern for the loading experience.
  • RWD Unnotech official site.
  • Lead into and apply Nuxt.js in RWD product official site , improve SEO and optimize site-traffic.
  • Lead into and apply Electron (Vue-Electron) to implement the native app on Windows/Mac using old project.
  • Comprehend the CI/CD process and solve the front-end deployment issues by Devops assistance. (Jenkins, GCP)。
  • Great work with other team partners (backend、design、PM、QA、DevOps) on building product .
  • Complete the new project , Chatroom, from constructing to production in a month and deliver to the oversea team smoothly.

GWIN Industrial. kayne GWIN logo
Web Designer Jul 2016 - Mar 2017

Getting started and involve in web and front-end.
  • Comprehend the task and make great communication with teammate, complete the right interaction on design.
  • Complete the PSD layout for RWD/AWD in HTML/CSS .
  • User-friendly UI and interaction design, then do the complement.

In School kayne GWIN logo
Student May 2012 - Jun 2016

Leader in the special project team, the online course select system.

  • UX design by 5S methods.
  • Backend framework is CodeIgniter (PHP) .
  • Frontend framework is bootstrap3 and JQuery

Skill Experience

Frontend - UI


* Semantic
* Grid / Flex layout
* User-centric thinking
* Browser Compatible (Above IE10)


* RWD design pattern
* Easy to maintain
* No redundency
* Modulize

* Emotion
* Theme-ui



* Vue, React  - (ts)
* SSR Nuxt, Next 

* UI Frameworks
    Vue: ElementUI, vux, cube-ui
    React: Blurprint, Radix, antd

* RC - components by Ant

* Gesture handling: react dnd, use Gesture

* WebSocket

* Vue-Electron
* Pre-render SPA SEO optimization


Backend (Node.js)

* Stream
* Koa, koa-router
* Sharp
* S3 api
* Autocannon loadtest


* Code splitting
* Normal configuration
* Loading on demand
* Dll plugins setting
* Typescript environment setting
* Customized Loader

Performance Optimization

* HTTP Cache
* Event delegation
* Animation optimization
* Request seperation (cacheGroup)
* Lead into and complete Skeleton Pattern
* SEO sense (meta, open graph and scheme)
* Apply stream to handle large data. 

* participate new gitlab flow innovation for better dev experience

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2020. Kayne Luo.

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