王芷謙 Joanna Wang

  • In-depth understanding of Digital Marketing, which have started with DSP platform 2017, Google Ads, Social Network Ads,
    Native Ads.
  • Capable communicate with team member, such as, R&D and Design Teams.
  • Strong critical and creative thinking, and experience in providing optimising ideas across various categories, such as EC area and Mobile Apps.
  • Quick thinker, passionate on learning the latest knowledge.



Work Experience

Apr 2019 - Mar 2020

Digital Marketing Consultant   Crunch Marketing Co., Ltd

    • In charge of at least 100M-yen budget per month for Financial Investment company for monitoring and optimising SEM platform. Also managed bi-weekly insight report to client both in English and Japanese. 

    • Responsible for Technology company’s products and event-promotions via various platforms and provide the most effective channels to maximise reaching the goal. 

    • Holding at least 100M-yen budget to run a quarter-term for Jewellery company, or shot-term event, such as seasonal event in order to increase the brand awareness through SNS Ads.

    • In charge of planning health supplements’ marketing strategy, including target segmentation, banners’ wireframe, and copywriting.

Key Accomplishment

    • Improve at least -50% of CPA within 6 months with several adjustments.

    • Monitor the trending and optimize contents to improve KPI, for instance, CPL or CPA which customers’ or external agencies require.

    • Depends on adjustments, sending weekly insight feedback reports with implementation by using Google Analytics both in Japanese and English.

Oct 2018 - Mar 2019

Japan Marketing Specialist  REDIDEA CO., Ltd(VoiceTube)

    • Managed to optimising digital marketing channels in order to increase the volume of apps download and track app’s retention then report to COO.

    • Responsible for updating banners and providing various copywriting for different segmentation. 

    • In charge of optimising ASO ranking both in iOS and Android.

    • Improve ASO contents and keywords, constantly communicate with RD and Design Team.

    • Receiving user-feedback and analysing data to forecast future trend then present to team members. 

Key Accomplishment

    • Both control marketing plan budget Taiwan and Japan markets.

    • Planning different target segmentation of marketing strategy.

    • Generate the formula of tracking code and systematic for marketing team. 

Dec 2016 - Mar 2018

Account Executive  FALLOUT CO., Ltd

    • Understand DSP platform and knowledge of latest digital marketing.

    • Support team members and manage to accomplish routine report and give feedback to clients.

    • Operating DSP, Google Ads, SNS Ads, and Native Ads, monitoring the flow and providing optimisation plan to clients.

    • Researching of both international marketing trend and domestics’ data, and forecasting the future trend to report to Head office.

    • Plan several EC products of marketing strategy includes templates of banner design, copywriting, also based on previous data to find out where can improve and reach the goal, decrease the cost of CPA form 10,000 yen to 5,000 yen per product for instance.

    • Support engineer to maintain front-end website, in order to improve Call-to-Action button design or CSS animation coding.

    • Checking contents marketing paragraphs and the translation before uploading to website.

Key Accomplishment

    • Understand the difference and characteristic of online market channels. Capability to provide strategic plan to match the right products and targets. 

    • Fundamental knowledge of design method and UI/UX of mobile page.


Sep 2014 - Sep 2015

University of Kent 

MSc Marketing 

Sep 2012 - Jun 2014

Hult International Business School London Campus

Bachelor of Business Administration

Sep 2006 - Jun 2011

National Taipei University of Business

Associate Degree of Information Management Department



  • Google Ads Fundamentals  

    Google Ads Search Certification 


  • Mandarin -  Native
  • English - IELTS 6.5
  • Japanese - JLPT N1

Digital Marketing Platform

Google AdWords, 
Yahoo Search & Display Ads, Bings, 
Twitter Ads,  Line Ad Platform, Facebook Ads,  Apple Search Ads,  Groundtruth, Criteo, 
Adobe DSP, Xandr DSP, Scaleout DSP, Freakout Native, 
popin, AkaNe Native Ads,
 Logly, Gunosy Ads, SmartNews


Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Doc, 
Firebase, App Annie, 
Mobile Action, 

Windows Excel, Windows PowerPoint



  • 2017年からデジタル広告業界に入り、DSPから初め、Google Adwords、SNS広告、ネイティブ広告と
  • アプリのプロモーションと開発チームとのコミュニケーションも経験し、
  • EC商品広告の特性のみならず、学習アプリの特性も見極め、今後他のジャンルの商品も挑戦できると思っております。


2016年12月 – 2018年03月


  • DSP、Google Adwords、SNS、ネイティブ広告の運用担当。クライアントへの成果報告と改善策の提出。
  • 日本国内と海外の広告媒体の調査とインサイト分析比較。
  • EC商品のプロモーションの業務を加え、Facebookとネイティブ広告媒体運用により、素材と広告文のプランニングと最適化を行う。
  • EC商品サイトの記事内容を編集や翻訳の作業を行い、サイトのデザインとhtml・CSSのフロントベースのプログラミングも実践。

Scaleout DSP、Google Adwords、Facebook Ads、Line Ad Platforms、Freakout Native、popin、
AkaNe Native Ads、Logly、Gunosy Ads、SmartNews

Office Excel
、Photoshop CC、

2018年10月 – 2019年03月

VoiceTube株式会社 (台湾)


Japan Marketing Specialist

  •  SNS(Facebook/ Google Adwords/ Twitter)広告を中心、自社アプリの認知度を上げ、またアプリのダウンロード数とインストール数を増やすため、周期に広告素材と広告文のオプティマイズ。
  • 一方、台湾のYouTuber / KOLとコラボレーションのプラニングを提案し、SNS広告成果を管理し、
  • アプリの検索ランクを最適化するため、ASOに関する調整、
  • 広告媒体とアプリの内部連携するのため、開発チームと定期にコミュニケーションを取る。
  • 定期にアプリ使用者の意見をもらい、資料をまとめ、分析と改善レポートを作成し、社内に共有報告。

Twitter、Facebook、Google Adwords、Search Ads 

Google Sheets/ presentation、Google Analytics 、Google Trends 、Firebase 、
App Annie 、Mobile Action 

2019年04月 – 2020年03月

Crunch Marketing Co., Ltd(台湾)

2019年04月 – 2020年03月


デジタルマーケティング コンサルタント

  • SEM広告運用と改善策を提出。クライアントへの周期成果報告とインサイト分析と改善内容を提案。
  • 金融系会社の検索キーワードを精査し、改善策を提出、半年内でCPA元の50%以下に改善した。週一回インサイトと運用内容のレポートを提出
  • 大手ソフトウェア会社の広告素材と文章に対して、TAの選択を見直し、
  • CTRは改善前より1.5倍に拡大した。 
  • 自社代理のEC商品のプランニング。相性が良い広告媒体の選択、
  • 画像素材の仮バナーや広告文の提案を実行。


Google Adwords、Yahoo Search & Display Ads、Bings、Twitter Ads、Line Ad Platform、
Facebook Ads、Apple Search Ads、Groundtruth、Criteo DSP、 Adobe DSP、
Xandr DSP 


Google Analytics 
、Google Trends 、
Office Excel 

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