ChihHao Huang 黃致皓 

I am a self-motivated software engineer with good understanding of fundamental data structure and algorithm. 

 Taipei, Taiwan

  [email protected]

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LanguageJavascript(ES6), Python3, Shell Script
Infrastructure tools: Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus, Grafana
JS & Frontend: React, Redux, Saga, Jest, React Hook, Webpack, pm2
    - Basic: Algorithm, Data structure, OOP, Functional Programming, Concurrency
    - Node.js: event loop model, concurrency, performance monitoring
    - Frontend: Rendering process(SPA, Isomorphic, SSR), Webpack build process and plugins, React Features

Work Experience

Jul, 2021 - Now
Houzz Inc.Software Engineer, Service Infrastructure         (Remote) Palo Alto, California
- Develop and maintain frontend server including server side rendering, client side SDK, Webpack plugin, CI/CD pipeline.
- Reduced 60% build-release time of Node.js server with Dockerized distributed Webpack runner in k8s cluster.
- Build monitoring dashboard and alerts with prometheus and Grafana for batch jobs.
- Manage client SDK and server of in-houss CDP.
Dec, 2020 - Jun, 2021
Rayark Inc.雷亞遊戲, Software Engineer, Front-End                               Taipei, Taiwan
- Develop and maintain multiple game official websites and admin interfaces with single-page application(React) and static site generator(Hugo).
- Convert business demand and design manuscript into responsive, performant, user-friendly UIs.
- Analyze the pros and cons of different tools, design patterns and coding style.
- Utilize functional programming, immutability in data manipulation and state management. 
- Performance optimization including 
  - lazy loading
  - reduce unnecessary re-render with memoization
  - automated WEBP format image conversion into CI/CD
  - reduce render-blocking resource
June - Nov, 2020
YJ Tech 堯晉科技, Software Engineer, Front-End                                   Taipei, Taiwan
tech stack: 
- React: React, Functional Component, Custom Hook, Redux, Saga 
- UI: Material UI, Sass, Storybook, inline CSS, Zeplin


Golang Simple Bank 

Side project for simple bank service.
Keywords: Golang, PostgreSQL, JWT, SQLC, Docker, transaction

AvocadoTaiwan 正宗酪梨農場 

An E-commerce website for local avocado business, all built by myself.
Keywords: Next.js, React Hooks, Firebase, Material-UI, RWD, ECPay, Google App script, Firebase.


2015-2017 M.A.

Graduate Institute of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University

2011-2015 B.A.

Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University

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