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Served as electrical engineer for LED driver in Acbel for 3 years. Now being a field application engineer in MEAN WELL, in charge of the europe region, as well as being project manager for key account. 

Travel frequently between EU and Taiwan. Co-visit direct customers and provide technical lessons to distributors. 

With all the experience that I experienced, I can and will contribute, to create a win win situation. 


Where to find me?

You can find my by traditionally or modern way. In modern way, is that type in the address of " 1185XT " in Google maps. I was wearing in red and on my way to Schiphol airport.

On the other hand, you can find me by more old fashion way. Is that, you can find me in a book which published by MEAN WELL in 2021.

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National Formosa University, 2011 ~ 2013

Master degree in Power Electronics.

1.  IEEE PEDS conference in Japan.

2.  Thesis: "Design of a dimmable LED driving circuit with battery power source".

3.  HID ballast design.



Master degree in electrical engineering.

1. Bronze price in 1st Motech Award–Creative Design Competition using Solar Cell.

2. 2nd price in Yuan Ze cup green energy creativity Competition.

3. 2nd price in 2nd Green energy competition held by ministry of education.

4. Coordinator in supply center when Typhoon Morakot  happened.


Work Experience

MEAN WELL, Field Application Engineer, Dec 2016 ~ Now

Company:MEAN WELL Period:2017~ 2020 

Title: Field application engineer

Job responsibilities: Technical support/Product videos/Tech. documents translation/Product evaluation/product modification to all sales team of EMEA region. 

Projects handled: 

1. Support Europe branch during 2018~2019, and visit KA in Europe region

 2. Conduct technical lecture and on-site training to Europe distributors as well as internal sales team 

3. Work as both Product manager and technical engineer, to a 3M KA for a lawn mower project. 

4. In charge of 20M distributor account. 


1. Coordinated the development of a lawn mower project for a KA. 

2. Represented technical department from head quarter for 2 horticulture customers 

3. Handled a 20M distributor parallelly for a year. 

4. Full English public speech during distributor conference. 

5. Supported EU branch during lack of human resources for half year in NL.

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AcBel Polytech Inc, Electrical Engineer, Sep 2013 ~ Sep 2016

Company:Acbel Period:2013~2016 

Title: Electrical Engineer 

Job responsibilities: LED driver design 

Projects handled: 

1. 150W~200W LED drivers, in total of 4 series. 

2. Application: Street light and high-bay light 


1. Developed 2 series of models for 1st generation high bay light & street lamp. 

2. Developed 2 series of models for 2nd generation high bay light for customer Eon. 

3. Solve 10% production failure issue independently, by identify production error during a business trip in China.


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Electrical Circuit Design

 - MS degree in electrical engineering. 

 - 3 years of LED driver design in Acbel. Using topology of Boost with PFC, and accompany with FLYBACK or LLC for 150W~200W drivers.

 - 3+ years of FAE experience in MEAN WELL, handling technical issues for EMEA region .

Cross Culture, Language and Department

 - In charge of technical support for EMEA region. 

 - Travel frequently between Europe and Taiwan .

 - Bridge between EU sales and China factory.

 - Coordination QE, sales, RD team for customer complain.


 - In charge of lawn mower projects for a key account in Austria.

 - 1 year of sales experience for a distributor in Spain.

 - Assist of leadership for newcomer in Europe.

Public Speaking Ability

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Technical Seminar

Being workshop instructor during technical seminar that not only held in Taiwan, but also took place in China and Netherlands. 

Distributor Conference

Represent engineer team from headquarter, giving new product introduction.

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Participate Light + Building and Electronica in Germany, and give technical advice from headquarter's point of view.

Video link of MEAN WELL at Electronica 2018: (0:41~0:42)

Video making for product promotion on YouTube

     Following videos are made by me for product promotion


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