Chiung-Hung Chen陳炯宏

Software Design Manager

  Taipei City, Taiwan

From iOS App developer to software team manager, and love outdoor activities.

Be a Product Manager in the next stage.



Software tools

  • Deployment tool
    • Drone/ArgoCD
    • Github/SourceTree
    • Fastlane
  • Debug/Testing tool
    • K6/Cypress/Instabug 
    • Postman
  • Design tool
    • Zeplin
    • Prott/inVision
    • Trello/Mantis
    • Notion

Development tools

  • React Native
  • Vscode
  • Objective-C

  • Xcode and XCTests

  • Git flow

  • App Store publish


  • js
  • C/C++
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Blockchain protocol (Ethereum)
  • MQTT protocol
  • BLE protocol

Career Experience

Software Manager

2019.06 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan



  • App team leader, leading 2 engineers and using React-Native to develop a blockchain wallet.
  • Software Manager, leading 8 engineers including a web frontend, backend, and testing engineers.
  • Participate in the blockchain project in the National Network Center, as the head of the application group, and the company's technical representative. Lead the technical department to build a DevOps (K8s, Gitea, Drone, Argo) and system management environment (Promtail, Loki, Grafana, Prometheus), provide cross-chain services, and integrate Hyperleger blockchain services.

iOS developer

NextDrive Co.

2016.05 - 2019.06
Taipei, Taiwan


  • IoT Gateway
  • Energy Manage System


  • Responsible for iOS team management, achieving company goals, and cross-departmental communication and coordination
  • Participate in product planning, provide new functional architecture and design direction.
  • Develop iOS App by Objective-C and Swift 
  • Use Xcode and XCTests for Unit Test, Git for code management, and Git flow/Pull Request for teamwork
  • Use Zeplin, inVision, Prott UI/UX to work with the UI design team
  • Trello, Mantis, Backlog for project management
  • familiar with MQTT、BLE protocol

iOS and Backend developer/Founder

Thinkwing Mobile Inc.

2012.02 - 2016.05
Taipei, Taiwan


  • VisionLens - 3D AR App


  • In the company's management role, responsible for operating product sales, and App/Backend development.
  • Use AWS to develop a backend service platform, mainly using PHP, JS, and LAMP architecture
  • Objective-C development experience
  • SVN code management
  • Facebook framework service application development experience
  • AFNetwork framework third-party network tools

BIOS Engineer

2008.10 - 2012.02
Taipei, Taiwan


  • BIOS of Desktop/AIO computer


  • My first job as a freshman, developing the BIOS of desktop computer
  • In the second year, as the project leader, solving problems with hardware and testing teams, and was responsible for negotiating needs with customers
  • SVN code management


2006 - 2008

National Central University

Master of Computer Science and Information Engineering

2002 - 2006

Tamkang University

Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering

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