周昱達 Lawrence Chou

Mainly focus on Ruby on Rails and React.js

Software Engineer
Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected]


Hahow 好學校, Software Engineer, Jul 2019 ~ 現在

- Works on a small team to build and launch the new 2B product 'Hahow for Business' ( in four months
- Builds the Ruby on Rails monolithic with a React.js frontend
- Everyday tools include but are not limited to: Ruby, Rails 6, RSpec, PostgreSQL 10, ReactRails (via Webpacker), Redis, ActionCable
- Optimizes backend performance with Skylight and SQL log
- Integrates the React.js frontend in the Rails monolithic via Inertia.js to achieve SPA-like navigation experience and performance without sacrificing the DX for both sides
- Tracks frontend app performance with GA user timings, and optimizes with Webpack features such as chunk-splitting


Hahow 好學校, Frontend Engineer, Jul 2018 ~ Jun 2019

- Maintain and improve our online course platform
- Iterate on new projects including Shopping Cart, Hahow Point System, Weekly Quiz, Teacher Helper Bot (chatbot).
- Collaborate with designers to tweak UI and improve the user experience.
- Introduce A/B testing workflow (Google Optimize) to better evaluate the impact of new features.
- Review PRs from peer frontend/backend developer.
- Work with tools including React, Redux, Storybook, Jest, Styled Component, Node.js.


Hahow 好學校, Frontend Developer Intern, Dec 2017 ~ Jun 2018

(same as above)



National Taiwan University, 工學學士(BEng), Bio-industrial Mechatronics Engineering, 2014 ~ 2018

Relevant Course Work:
- Practical Data Structures and Algorithm
- Advanced Computer Networks
- Website Database Programming
- Machine Learning and Having it Deep and Structured
- Mechatronics and System Design
- Electronic Engineering and Laboratory
- Computer Programming Language


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 其他, Electronic Engineering (exchange student), 2017 ~ 2017

Relevant Course Work
- Advanced Algorithm
- Object-Oriented Programming

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