Chris Hilken

Community-Focused North Coast Church Pastor

Based in Vista, California, Christopher “Chris” Hilken serves as a teaching pastor with North Coast Church and helps guide adult services that attract 13,000 worshipers weekly. Having started with the megachurch in 2011, Chris Hilken has played an important role in growing church membership to current levels. He has also helped expand a youth program from 30 students to more than 350, and is pastor with Jordan Young Adults, which serves the needs of members in the 18 to 25 age group.

Mr. Hilken serves as a marriage and premarital counselor in the local community and has worked with couples in dealing with various relationship issues. In addition to his ongoing couples support, he has officiated a variety of weddings as pastor. He also leads NU Ministries and under this consulting banner presents in a diversity of venues, from youth camps to other churches. In recent years, he has undertaken approximately 100 paid speaking engagements.

Among Christopher Hilken’s areas of extensive knowledge are Bible interpretation and leadership development, when it comes to training the next generation of Christian believers. Chris Hilken values the experience of parenting and being a father, and prioritizes family in his daily life.

Bonsall, CA, US

Work Experience

Mar 2015 - Present

NU Ministries

Feb 2015 - Present

Marriage/Premarital Counselor

Jun 2011 - Present

North Coast Church


Aug 2007 - May 2011

Concordia University
Theological Studies

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